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Penguin Literary Prize winners

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Established in 2017, the Penguin Literary Prize is a nod to Penguin Random House’s proud tradition of publishing this country’s greatest writers.

The Penguin Literary Prize was established to find, nurture and develop new Australian authors of literary fiction. Since its inception, the prize has received submissions from across Australia in a variety of genres and forms. Recent winners include Hitch by Kathryn Hind, published June 2019; The Spill by Imbi Neeme, published June 2020; The Rabbits by Sophie Overett, published in July 2021; Denizenpublished in July 2022 and On a Bright Hillside in Paradisepublished in 2023.

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On a Bright Hillside in Paradise

Starlight spilled down the flanks of the mountain.

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How winner of the Penguin Literary Prize 2021 used life experiences to inspire upcoming novel

James McKenzie Watson, winner of the Penguin Literary Prize 2021, shares how growing up in rural NSW, past struggles with mental health, and his present nursing career helped shape his debut novel, Denizen.


I was twenty-four when Christian was born, much younger than I’d ever expected to become a father.

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Denizen book club questions

From the winner of the 2021 Penguin Literary Prize comes this rural thriller, perfect for reading with your book club.

The Rabbits

The night Charlie Rabbit disappears, Delia thinks of her sister.

Sophie Overett Q&A

The Penguin Literary Prize winner on inspiration, advice and what's next.

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The Rabbits book club notes

A (Penguin Literary Prize) winning pick for book club.

The Spill

The two girls waited for their mother on the verandah of the Bruce Rock pub, which offered shade but little relief from the heat of the late afternoon.

Imbi Neeme Q&A

The 2019 Penguin Literary Prize winner on her inspiration, writing process and club sandwiches.

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The Spill book club notes

Explore the cycles of love, loss and regret, that can follow a family through the years, with your reading group.


The posts on the Stuart Highway were white with round, red reflectors attached at the top.

Kathryn Hind Q&A

We sat down with Kathryn Hind to discuss the inspiration for Hitch, the editing process and what's next for the ACT-based author.

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Hitch book club notes

Join twenty-something Amelia and her dog Lucy as they hitchhike from one end of the country to the other.

Hitchhiking with Kathryn Hind

Kathryn Hind reflects on winning the inaugural Penguin Literary Prize and her journey to becoming a published author.