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The best new classics that will deepen your love of reading.

Are you a fan of classic novels? While you might be able to rattle off the titles of your favourite classics (Pride and Prejudice, Don Quixote, Bleak House), few people can actually explain what exactly a classic is.

Never fear, that’s why we’re here.

In essence, a classic is any novel that centres around a timeless message and contributes to literature as a whole. This might mean that it introduces a new writing style or remarkably touches on an age-old theme.

These are the books you return to time and again, and the stories you remember for a lifetime.

But what about all those fantastic novels that haven’t quite made it into the canon yet? Newer books that share the traits of classics but haven't yet earned the ‘classic’ title are often referred to as ‘new classics’ or ‘modern classics’.

Even though new classics are more recent contributions to literature, they nevertheless make their mark.

If you’re interested in exploring some new classics, these books are perfect for you.

Life, love, and universal truths will be illuminated through the written word as you work your way through this list of must-read novels.

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