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Books for Kids Who Love the Planet

Have hope! We can work together against climate change.

A Guide to… Candice Fox

A rough guide to the ever-rising star of Australian crime writing, Candice Fox.

Puffin's Easter Treats 2020

Celebrate Easter with your family this year with a range of festive favourites from Puffin.

Boy Oh Boy

A Girl in a book title has a certain allure, but a Boy isn’t a bad thing either.

Autumn Thrills

Freefall through autumn with these high-intensity crime and thriller titles.

Good Craic

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2020 with an craic-ing Irish read.

2020 Book Club Picks

Twenty 2020 titles to keep your book club humming.

Self Spoken

Captivating audiobook memoirs read by the authors themselves.

The Whistleblowers

The stories behind the brave people willing to stand strong in the face of injustice.

Stories from the Suburbs

High stakes stories from a neighbourhood near you.

2020 Books by Their Covers

Twenty stunning 2020 book covers.

Prodigious Youth

Young writers whose voices captured the attention of the world.

Connections Through Time

As time shifts, the past, the present and the future converge.

Peter Carey Re-jacketed

Introducing a striking new set of Peter Carey’s entire fiction back catalogue.

Island Times

Longing for an island escape? Be careful what you wish for.

Audiobook Clubs

Limited reading time is no longer an obstacle to joining a book club.

In the Spotlight

Get a glimpse behind the red velvet curtain.

Our 2020 Summer Picks

Fill your summer chill time with our highly recommended reads.

Alternate Austens

Jane Austen is everywhere.

Bolts from Above

Unlikely stories of survival, courage and upheaval in the aftermath of airline disasters.

Top 10 Crime & Thrillers of 2019

The bestselling chills and thrills of 2019.

School’s Back

Don’t panic: we’ve got your back(pack).

Mum’s the Word

Secrets threaten to tear people, relationships, families, even countries, apart.

Soul Searchers

Novels that cut to the heart of our very existence.