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The Hottest Books Right Now

The books everyone is talking about.

Indigenous Themes – Secondary

These books will help secondary students better understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history.

Indigenous Themes – Primary

These books will help primary school students better understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history.

Bestselling Activity Books

Stickers, puzzles, colouring, dot-to-dot . . .

We love you, Mum!

Snuggle up to share a story together on Mother's Day 2020

Going Viral

15 terrifying end-of-days scenarios that we can be thankful haven’t happened… Or have they?

Coding for Kids

Help your kids put their imaginations to work, with interactive programming guidebooks.

A (Brief) Guide to… Anne Tyler

Introducing the 21st century novels of one of the preeminent writers of her generation.

Meditation Magic

Breathe in, breathe out, let it go...

Get Gaming

Power up, dust off your controllers and be part of the booming gaming community.

Spick and Span

Declutter your home, recalibrate your mood.

Finding Meaning

Life-affirming philosophies and strategies for living well.

Happily Ever After

Books to wrap you up comfortably within their pages.

Home Healthy

Roll out a mat and get (and stay) fit at home.

Attack the Tomes

Traverse the Mount Everests of the literary world.

You Wouldn't Read About It

Surprising true stories that are stranger than fiction.

Wonder Bread

Mix it, roll it, bake it, make it.


Books with their very own playlists to help set the mood.

Good Sports

Relive soaring triumphs and agonising defeats in the words of sporting legends.


Triple corkscrew twists and multiple suspects.

Bake It ‘Til You Make It

Books to inspire a bake off.

Thinking of You

Show you care with a heartfelt reading recommendation or, better yet, a bookish gift.

A (Quick) Guide to... Marian Keyes

Where to start reading one of the most popular Irish novelists of all time.

Binge Time

Love to read it before watching it? Or the other way round?