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As the River Rises

The life-affirming medical romance from the author of The Opal Miner’s Daughter

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Pucking Wild

The second book in the international bestselling Jackson Rays series!

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Assistant to the Villain

Once Upon a Time meets The Office in Hannah Maehrer's laugh-out-loud viral TikTok series turned novel, about the sunshine assistant to an Evil Villain... and their unexpected romance.

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Happy Place

He looks up. A square jaw, narrow waist, messy golden hair pushed up off his forehead, except for one lock which falls across his brow the second our eyes meet.

A Million Kisses In Your Lifetime

It’s been three years, four months, two days and a handful of hours since the first moment I set eyes on her.

Someone Else's Shoes

Sam stares up at the slowly lightening ceiling and practises her breathing, like the doctor advised her, as she tries to stop her 5 a.m. thoughts congealing into one enormous dark cloud above her head.

The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels

There was no possibility of walking to the library that day. Morning rain had blanched the air, and Miss Darlington feared that if Cecilia ventured out she would develop a cough and be dead within the week.

Addicted to You

I wake up. My shirt crumpled on a fuzzy carpet.