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Who we are

In 2013, Penguin Books and Random House came together to form the first truly global trade book publishing company. The union of our two publishing houses has allowed us to celebrate our writers, stories and ideas, all the while connecting these inspiring stories with the Australian public.

The Business Development and Creative Sales team at Penguin Random House are the driving force behind Penguin Partnerships. We work with clients on a wide variety of briefs, specialising in brand promotions, corporate sales, bespoke publishing, plus entertainment and media partnerships. We are proud to publish the world’s favourite books from the world’s favourite authors, as this allows us to tailor our exclusive content to your brand’s specific audience, creating unique partnerships.

If you’re interested in discussing partnership opportunities, please contact us.

What we can do

Start From Scratch
We can take content which a brand already has, such as recipes or photographs, and add to these to create a new book exclusively for a brand.

Adapt a Book
We can take content from a book we publish already and make it into a new book for a brand to use (eg. change the size or reduce the number of pages).

Brand a Book
We can take a book we publish already and simply print copies with a brand logo on them.

Sell Our Books
We can sell copies of our existing books from stock for a brand to use.

Why Penguin Random House?

1. The Power of Our Brands
Penguin Random House is the world's biggest publishing house and is recognised by 99% of the book-buying public.

2. A Proven Track Record
The Penguin Partnerships team works creatively and efficiently to ensure we fulfill every client’s individual needs. We’ve worked with a myriad of successful brands to increase sales, build on publicity and even develop award-winning promotional campaigns. Click here, to find out more.

3. Experts In-house
The most important aspect of Penguin Partnerships is the team of experts that we provide to our clients. Our editors, designers, marketeers and producers are professional and passionate about their work, meaning our results are flawless.

4. A New Chapter For Your Brand
A partnership with Penguin Random House not only ensures your brand reaches an even wider audience, but also that your companies’ values and initiatives are visible at every step.