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Listen up! 2020 audiobook hits

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This year like no other has been a year of resounding audiobooks.

Discover some of the 2020 highlights. Click the audiobooks below, and listen in to some samples before you buy.


The Living Sea of Waking Dreams

This is Booker Prize-winning novelist Richard Flanagan at his most moving – and astonishing – best. Audiobook narrated by: Essie Davis

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Pure escapism

The Champagne War

A heart-stopping adventure about the true power of love and hope to light the way during war. Audiobook narrated by: Katy Sobey

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The Godmothers

A moving and perceptive story about love, lies, hope and sorrow, about the families we are born into and the families we make for ourselves. Audiobook narrated by: Nikki Shiels, Annie Maynard and Ella Scott Lynch

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Laugh at life

Un-cook Yourself

Learn how to be less of a d*ckhead with Nat’s deep and meaningful guide to life. Good onya, champ! Audiobook narrated by: Nat's What I Reckon

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The Space Between

The Shameless podcasters' relatable ruminations on the mess, the madness and the magic of not-quite-adulthood. Audiobook narrated by: Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews

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