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Speed up your time in the kitchen with these cookbooks and contraptions.

From slow cookers and thermo mixers to blenders and air fryers, there’s never been a better time to be a home cook. Not only will these appliances and their respective recipes save you time, they might even inspire you to make a new dish that’s healthier, easier and more flavoursome. Here are the books that will become your sauce splattered, dog eared favourites in the kitchen.


Keto air fryer lemon pound cake

“Pound” cake comes from using a pound each of four ingredients, but Aaron Day shows how to get the same buttery-rich texture without the sugar and extra carbs in this delicious keto air fryer recipe.

One-bowl mushroom spaghetti

Try this quick and easy recipe from Everyday Thermo Cooking.

Individual dark chocolate cakes

From Alyce Alexandra’s Everyday Thermo Cooking, try these decadent chocolate cakes…

Veggie gyoza

In Thermo Cooker Fresh Favourites Alyce Alexandra shares real-food recipes celebrating seasonal produce, such as these moreish dumplings.