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Alyce Alexandra

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Alyce Alexandra is the best-selling author of nine cookbooks for slow cookers and thermo cookers. She has her own range of kitchen accessories, runs her own cooking school and is the creator of alycealexandra.com, selling all things slow cooking, thermo cooking and kombucha.

Alyce is passionate about every avenue of food, from seedling to stomach. Her mission is to get people cooking, more often and from scratch, by showing how easy, achievable and rewarding home cooking can be. Her unpretentious, work-every-time recipes have made her a much-loved figure that people know and trust in the kitchen. She lives, gardens, writes, cooks and eats in Victoria, Australia.

Books by Alyce Alexandra

Modern Slow Cooker

A fresh, modern and meat-free take on slow cooking: the cheapest, easiest way to cook!

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Thermo Cooker Fresh Favourites

Delicious and nutritious never-fail recipes for any brand of thermo cooker.

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Everyday Thermo Cooking

100 simple and satisfying real-life recipes from Australia's thermo cooking queen.

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