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You're twelve books away from becoming your best self.

There's never been a better time to devour the self-help genre. These phenomenal bestsellers will teach you everything from resilience and breath work through to building good habits, leadership, negotiating and the importance of sleep. What are you waiting for? Start your self improvement journey here...

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How to stop procrastinating

Use the two-minute rule from Atomic Habits to get motivated.


I stood in the darkness of my living room, my knuckles white, my fingers tense around the sticky rubber handle of my Little League baseball bat, staring out the window into the night, trying desperately to protect my wife


Two summers ago, my wife and I took our daughters to the zoo.

Breathe in, breathe out x 25,000

James Nestor explores the lost art of breathing properly.

Think Again

After a bumpy flight, fifteen men dropped from the Montana sky.

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Untamed book club notes

Take your book club on a journey of self-discovery, with Glennon Doyle’s famed Untamed.

How good is dis?

From The Resilience Project, Hugh van Cuylenburg offers a simple tip to improve every day.


The place looked like something out of Amityville: all paint-chipped walls, dusty windows, and menacing shadows cast by moonlight.

Don’t look down

From The Resilience Project, four simple strategies to reclaim your attention and look up.