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Ages 12–13

New books for ages 12–13

Brotherband 9: The Stern Chase

Pirates have stolen the Skandians' best ship and it's up to Hal and the Heron brotherband to find them in the unputdownable ninth adventure in the New York Times bestselling series.

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Prometheus High 1: How to Make a Monster

A hugely inventive, action-packed, fun and quirky – and occasionally dark – adventure for fans of Skulduggery Pleasant, Nevermoor or Frankenstein.

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The Fault in Our Stars

A special edition marking the 10th anniversary of global publishing and cultural phenomenon The Fault in Our Stars – the beloved YA classic read by millions.

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A Glasshouse of Stars

You have arrived for a better life at the New House in the New Land.

The Boy, the Wolf and the Stars by Shivaun Plozza | Book Trailer

Buy now: https://www.penguin.com.au/books/the-boy-the-wolf-and-the-stars-9781760893453 Every night Ulv is cloaked in total Darkness.

Meet Friday Barnes

Girl detective extraordinaire!

Book clubs
Listen, Layla Book Club Notes

Reading group discussion questions for ages 12+.

Read the book, then stream these movies and shows

‘Which is better – the book or the movie?’ is an age-old question that we’re just not prepared to answer (although I’m sure you can guess where our bias may lie).

Stories matter, so we better make them good

Lisa Nicol shares the experience of writing what she describes as her most special book, and pays tribute to her friend and co-creator.

Australia’s top 10 kids’ books of 2020

Here are some of the best selling books of the year.

The Unadoptables

In all the years that Elinora Gassbeck had been matron of the Little Tulip Orphanage, not once had the Rules of Baby Abandonment been broken.

Australia’s top 12 kids books for Christmas 2020

Twelve predictions of Christmas-time bestsellers for preschoolers, juniors and teens.

The Tell

Seen from any angle, the Coffin is one seriously ugly pile of stones.

At home lesson: story structure with Two Wolves

What is it that makes a book gripping? We investigate story structure with Two Wolves by Tristan Bancks.