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Tristan Bancks
Photo Credit: Amber Melody

Tristan Bancks

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Tristan Bancks tells stories for the page and screen. His books for kids and teens include Two Wolves, The Fall, Detention, the Tom Weekly series and Nit Boy. His books have won and been shortlisted for many awards, including a Children’s Book Council of Australia Honour Book, the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards, ABIA, YABBA, KOALA, NSW Premier’s Literary Awards and Queensland Literary Awards. His new release for 2021 is Ginger Meggs, a 100th anniversary book of brand new short stories based on characters created by his great-great uncle, Jimmy Bancks, in 1921.

Tristan is a writer-ambassador for literacy charity Room to Read. He is currently working with producers to develop a number of his books for the screen. He’s excited by the future of storytelling and inspiring others to create. You can find out more about Tristan’s books, play games, watch videos, join his Young Writers’ StorySchool and help him try to change the world at tristanbancks.com

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Tom Weekly calling…

TOM WEEKLY by Tristan Bancks I’m Tom Weekly. This is a nail-biting – make that toe-biting – thrill ride through my life. This is where I pour out whatever’s inside my head. Like the time a bloodthirsty magpie out to get me. Or when I had to eat Vegemite off my sister’s big toe. My life gets a bit weird sometimes.

Detention by Tristan Bancks

A daring escape. A school lockdown. A thrilling chase. What would you risk to save a life? Learn more: https://www.penguin.com.au/books/detention-9780143791799

Two Wolves | Q&A with author Tristan Bancks

One afternoon, police officers show up at Ben Silver’s front door. Minutes after they leave, his parents arrive home. Ben and his little sister Olive are bundled into the car and told they’re going on a holiday. But are they? It doesn’t take long for Ben to realise that his parents are in trouble. Ben’s always dreamt of becoming a detective – his dad even calls him ‘Cop’. Now Ben gathers evidence and tries to uncover what his parents have done. The problem is, if he figures it out, what does he do? Tell someone? Or keep the secret and live life on the run? #TwoWolves #TristanBancks #AussieYA

Nit Boy by Tristan Bancks and Heath McKenzie | Book Trailer

NIT BOY by award-winning author Tristan Bancks, illustrated by Heath McKenzie. It’ll make you laugh. It’ll make you cry. It’ll make you itch. Meet Lewis Snow. He has the worst case of nits in world history. Everyone wants him to shave his head. But Lewis thinks of his nits as pets. He’s determined to keep his hair and his nits, whatever it takes. Ned lives on Lewis’s head. He’s the first-ever jumping nit. His dad wants Ned to help nits take over the world. But Ned likes it on Lewis’s head. Ned’s vegan and hates the taste of human blood. And you thought you had problems. Two Nit Boy stories in one book! Find out more: https://www.penguin.com.au/books/nit-boy-9781760896300 #NitBoy #TristanBancks #HeathMcKenzie

Finding François by Gus Gordon | Read aloud by Tristan Bancks

FINDING FRANÇOIS is a heartwarming story from award-winning author and illustrator Gus Gordon about hope, possibility and finding a friend. Alice wishes she had someone her own size to talk to. Then one day her wish comes true.Through hope and chance, love and loss, two little ones who need each other find each other. Tristan Bancks is the bestselling author of DETENTION, TWO WOLVES and NIT BOY. Find out more about Finding François: https://www.penguin.com.au/books/finding-francois-9780143794141 #FindingFrancois #GusGordon #TristanBancks

Ginger Meggs by Tristan Bancks and Jason Chatfield | Book trailer

Buy now: https://www.penguin.com.au/books/ginger-meggs-9781760894818 Celebrating 100 years of the iconic character and Aussie legend Ginger Meggs, these four brand new and original stories are written by Tristan Bancks, the great-great nephew of creator Jimmy Bancks, and illustrated in full colour by the current Ginger Meggs comic-strip cartoonist, Jason Chatfield. #GingerMeggs #TristanBancks #JasonChatfield

At home lesson: story structure with Two Wolves

What is it that makes a book gripping? We investigate story structure with Two Wolves by Tristan Bancks.

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