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Incredible books authored by, written about or from the shelves of Michelle and Barack Obama.

In November 2018, Michelle Obama's memoir, Becoming, entered the world to feverish anticipation. In North America the book sold 750,000 copies in its first day, and 1.4 million in its first week, eclipsing any other 2018 title in sales terms by the end of November.

In November 2020 the first of two editions of former US President Barack Obama's memoirs, A Promised Land, enters a very different world. Such is our current state of humanity in the grips of a global pandemic, and our planet in the grips of its own existential crisis, we need the Obama brand of hope more than ever before. 

To celebrate this landmark publishing event, here we've brought together some extraordinary books authored by, written about or from the shelves of Michelle and Barack Obama.

Out now

A Promised Land

A riveting, deeply personal account of history in the making—from the president who inspired us to believe in the power of democracy

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