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Article  •  19 December 2022


Add these 2023 books to your TBR list for a year of great reading

Check out the most anticipated books of 2023.

2023 is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to get excited for another year of amazing books!

If you’ve already smashed your reading goals for 2022 and are eager to plan ahead, these 2023 books deserve a spot on your TBR list. Read on to learn about some of the most anticipated books and pre-order your copies now to secure an amazing reading list for the year ahead.

The most anticipated books of 2023


A Man and His Pride book cover.

A Man and His Pride by Luke Rutledge

When a devastating break-up rocks Sean’s world, everything starts falling apart. His job as a troll moderator is taking a toll on his mental health and his mother seems to blame him for a family tragedy. Amid a destructive cycle of hook-ups, booze and an unrelenting gym routine, Sean meets William and everything changes. By helping William navigate the gay dating scene, Sean learns a few lessons of his own.

Follow the author: @lukeurtledge.writer


The Matchmaker book cover.

The Matchmaker by Saman Shad

Saima is great at matchmaking. . . but falling in love? Not so much.

As a single woman, she knows that her community is likely gossiping about her – and probably even questioning her credentials. When the rumour mill becomes too much, Saima almost considers packing up her business and moving in with her Ammy. When an eligible bachelor’s parents show up at her door, offering her the biggest payday she’s had in years, Saima decides to give it one last try. Will this matchmaker recognise a perfect match?

Follow the author: @muminprogress



Lenny Marks Gets Away With Murder Book Cover

Lenny Marks Gets Away With Murder by Kerryn Mayne

Lenny is good at not remembering. She’s spent the last twenty years not remembering the day when her mother left her as a child. Filling her days with teaching and playing Scrabble, Lenny is perfectly content sliding through life, with her unusual routines providing some form of order. When a letter appears in the mail, it reminds Lenny of everything she’s been trying to ignore. . . and then she starts to remember.

Follow the author: @kcmwrites


Pineapple Street book cover.

Pineapple Street by Jenny Jackson

When Sasha marries into the Stockton family, she’s suddenly thrust into a world of unmeasurable wealth and influence. But the more she gets to know the family, the harder it seems to break into their tightly-knit circle. Her husband Cord and his sisters have never had to worry about money, but that doesn’t stop them from dealing with their own dilemmas as they navigate their wealth, their lives and the insular nature of their Brooklyn Heights existence.

Follow the author: @jennyjacksonpineapple


Go as a River book cover.

Go as a River by Shelley Read

One cool morning, Torie Nash’s life changes forever. Walking down the main street of her small town, she crosses paths with a mysterious drifter whose eyes are as dark as a raven’s wing. When he stops her to ask for directions, she makes a choice that changes the course of events in her life: She talks to him. Soon, Torie is thrust into adulthood as her small extraordinary life breaks open, introducing her to desire, heartbreak and betrayal.

Follow the author: @shelleyread.author



Clytemnestra book cover.

Clytemnestra by Costanza Casati

Wife. Mother. Fighter. Conspirator. Queen. Clytemnestra tells the tale of the notorious Spartan queen of the same name. Condemned by Homer and the Greek poets as a faithless, murderous woman, Clytemnestra’s voice has been obscured by the spiteful judgement of history. Until now. This retelling not only uncovers the consequences of war on women but also sheds light on how women fight their own wars to take and claim the power they deserve.

Follow the author: @costanzacasati


Girl in a Pink Dress book cover.

Girl in a Pink Dress by Kylie Needham

With a single invitation, Frances’ quiet mountain town life is cast straight back to the glittering lights of Sydney’s art world. In this plunge back to the past, she confronts the world she once knew – where a single irrevocable act changed the course of her story forever. Told across two time periods, Frances’ story wrestles with power and privilege, womanhood and motherhood, asking whether two ambitious artists can thrive in one relationship. 


Cover coming soon.

Chain-Gang All-Stars by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah

Hearkening back to the time of the gladiators comes a new game. Though controversial, Chain-Gang All-Stars is a profitable program inside America’s private prison system. The dystopian competitions are watched by millions of live-stream subscribers as prisoners compete for the ultimate prize: their freedom. Loretta’s chance at freedom is coming up – but will the price of winning be too high? Perfect for fans of The Handmaid’s Tale and Squid Games, this electrifying near-future read is a definite page-turner.

Follow the author: @king_nk



'The Collected Regrets of Clover' book cover.

The Collected Regrets of Clover by Mikki Brammer

Clover is a death doula, using her skills to usher people peacefully through their last days. Privately, she collects lessons from the dying, dividing their final words into three notebooks: ADVICE, CONFESSIONS and REGRETS. Thanks to her clients’ hard-won wisdom and the inspiring love story of a spirited new acquaintance, Clover sets out to achieve her happy ending.  

Follow the author: @mikkibrammer


'Anam' book cover.

Anam by André Dao

Attempting to understand his own story better, one grandson sets out to learn his family story. But what kind of story is it? A prison memoir of a grandfather wrongly imprisoned? An oral history of the grandmother left behind to care for the children? A love story? A detective story? Blending fiction and essay, the book imagines that which has been forgotten in an exploration of time, family, remembrance and – perhaps essentially – forgetting.


'The Fall Between' book cover.

The Fall Between by Darcy Tindale

Detective Rebecca Giles has just solved a crime, yet as the hangover from her celebrations starts to kick in, the news breaks of another disturbing case. Convinced that there’s a link between the cases, Giles begins to examine the town’s tragic history – including her own mother’s mysterious drowning thirty years ago.

Follow the author: @darcyleetindale


'Notes on Her Colour' book cover.

Notes on Her Colour by Jennifer Neal

Gabrielle has inherited the ability to change the colour of her skin from her mother. They guard their power within the walls of their white-painted house, where her father, Robert, needs refuge after the daily struggles of being a man of colour in an executive-level career. However, the women have their secrets. As Gabrielle grows up, she finds joy in the piano – also learning that she can change her skin to find joy and acceptance without her mother nearby. Peering beyond her family’s carefully-coded existence she begins to see life for all it could be.

Follow the author: @chocolatejenn

And here are some titles to look out for for in June through August – more details coming soon!




  • But the Girl by Jessica Yu
  • Perfect-ish by Jessica Seaborn

Featured Titles

A Man and His Pride
‘Funny, moving, and with energy to burn, Luke Rutledge’s debut is an absolute joy.’ – John Boyne
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The Matchmaker
‘A debut novel full of charm, wit and sharp observation.’ WHO WEEKLY ‘Full of life, charm and wonderfully observed detail, an utterly delightful debut.’ JODI McALISTER Sparks fly in this glittering romantic comedy about love, marriage and mistaking your own identity.
Read more
Lenny Marks Gets Away With Murder
Kerryn Mayne’s stunning debut is an irresistible novel that’s both chilling and charming, suspenseful and uplifting. And, of course, simply unforgettable…
Read more
Pineapple Street
'The novel Jane Austen would have written if Jane Austen lived in Brooklyn Heights' NEW YORK TIMES
Read more
Go as a River
An epic story of self-discovery and becoming, set against the magnificent and breathtaking landscape of mid-century Colorado.
Read more
Giving voice to a woman condemned by history, this debut is an epic feminist retelling of the story of notorious Spartan queen, Clytemnestra
Read more
Girl in a Pink Dress
Is it possible for one relationship to survive two ambitious artists?
Read more
Chain-Gang All-Stars
Welcome to a world where, livestreamed to millions, prisoners fight like gladiators for the ultimate prize: their freedom.
Read more
The Collected Regrets of Clover
The Collected Regrets of Clover is the burst of hopefulness we need right now. A sparkling debut novel from Australian Mikki Brammer, which reminds us all to live our best life with fewer regrets.
Read more
Anam: Longlisted for the 2024 Miles Franklin Award
'Transcendent.' THE AGE 'Anam is a beautiful book. I loved its hypnotic rhythms, its restlessness, the way memories, dreams and ideas, like waves, kept riding in over the top of one another, undoing and complicating everything. It is the work of a soulful and scrupulous mind.' MILES ALLINSON
Read more
The Fall Between
From an exciting new voice in Australian crime fiction, a captivating and atmospheric rural thriller introducing Detective Rebecca Giles.
Read more
Notes on Her Colour
'Gosh, what a wonder this book is. It's about race, yes of course. But it's about so much more as well. It's a tale of mothers and daughters, of Florida hurricanes and the madness of music. It's about code switching in ways that you've never considered, and about what it means to be of a place and of a people. Jennifer Neal has written a book drenched in hurt and magic, love and grief. Read it twice, because a book like this comes along rarely.' Sami Shah
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