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An ultimate guide to Zadie Smith

Learn about Zadie Smith's incredible books. You're sure to find a new favourite on this list!


The Wren, The Wren

A generational saga of daughterhood and motherhood, from the Booker Prize-winning Irish author

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Others Were Emeralds

A stirring coming-of-age novel about guilt, loss, love and memory. Others Were Emeralds explores the inherent danger of allowing our misconceptions to shape our reality.

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The Seventh Son


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Why We Are Here

Nine months after He died, I opened the door and smelled summer.

But the Girl

It was an undecided and hazy spring, the spring that MAS370 disappeared, and I didn’t know what I was doing in London.

Notes on Her Colour

My mother could change the color of her skin.

Hello Beautiful

For the first six days of William Waters’s life, he was not an only child.

The Days Toppled Over

Four names on the lease and, as of today, seven people in the house.