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Two Weeks 'til Christmas

On the rare occasions Claire allowed herself a stroll down memory lane, Scotty Shannon was always her destination.


I bounded over the gray, dusty terrain toward the huge dome of Conrad Bubble.

Kensy and Max 1: Breaking News

Max woke with a start as the car crunched to a halt.

The People vs. Alex Cross

From inside a rambling white Colonial home on a shaded street that smelled of blooming wildflowers, a woman called in a pleasant Southern accent

The Midnight Line

Jack Reacher and Michelle Chang spent three days in Milwaukee.


My last year of high school, when Kaycee Mitchell and her friends got sick, my father had a bunch of theories.


I don’t know where my dad is.

A Sea-chase

Last period Friday an acting inspector found a young teacher sobbing at her desk desk in the farthest demountable classroom of the lower secondaries of an outer suburban high school.

The Zanzibar Wife

It was the sounds that first got her attention, the cries and screams loud enough to break through the howling wind and pummelling rain.

A Long Way From Home

For a girl to defeat one father is a challenge, but there were two standing between me and what I wanted


It’s not every day a handsome young man appears on your front doorstep to ask if you’re a respectable woman.

Typhoon Fury

The tunnel exploded.

Emergency Response

It's every rescue team’s worst nightmare and, like every night-mare, it seemed to happen in slow motion.

Picnic At Hanging Rock

Everyone agreed that the day was just right for the picnic to Hanging Rock

Mrs Osmond

It had been a day of agitations and alarms, of smoke and steam and grit.

La Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust Volume One

Malcolm let the canoe drift to a halt and then silently slipped in among the stiff stems

Uncommon Type

Anna said there was only one place to find a meaningful gift for MDash

Finding My Virginity

Necker Island, New Year’s Eve, 1998.

Turtles All the Way Down

At the time I first realized I might be fictional, my weekdays were spent at a publicly funded institution on the north side of Indianapolis.

After the Fire

My house burned down on an autumn night almost a year ago.