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Bake it ‘til you make it

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Books to inspire a bake off.

Cure your boredom, make your house smell amazing and be rewarded with a homemade treat at the end: what’s not to love about baking? In these uncertain times people are returning in droves to the comforting pastime of whipping up cakes, breads and biscuits. If you can get your hands on some flour and eggs the options are infinite. Preheat the oven, grease your cake tins and dust off your electric mixer, it’s time to bake…


Banana ice cream cheesecake

A sweet, oaty, hazelnutty base filled with a banana ice cream ‘cheesecake’ layer, then topped with blueberry compote. Yum!

Semolina ghriba (Moroccan coconut cookies)

Delight your book club with these delicious cookies from The Moroccan Daughter.

Traditional Sicilian orange cake

The story goes that monks at the Benedictine monastery in Catania invented this cake – while we’ll never know for sure, they certainly had a reputation as true food connoisseurs.

Strawberry polenta shortcakes

These little ‘sandwiches’ are a lovely adaptation of the traditional shortcake. They make excellent use of polenta to produce the perfect dessert for summer, when you can take advantage of a glut of strawberries.

Sunken ginger plum and spelt cake

A boldly flavoured, jammy, pudding-like cake from Meera Sodha's cookbook East.

Keto cheesecake recipe

A lightly sweet indulgent treat

Fig & hazelnut upside-down cake

Fig season is now in full swing. Try this delicious, fibre-packed recipe from DK's Natural Baking.

Caramelised plum upside-down cake

This gloriously sticky and comforting plum upside-down cake is incredibly easy to make. 

Pistachio, elderflower and lime cake

Amber Rose's take on an Italian classic, taken from Wild Delicious.

Sylvia’s chocolate fudge cupcakes

Enjoy this decadent chocolate cupcake recipe from The Kookaburra Creek Café. 

Ginger and walnut carrot cake

This ginger-spiked carrot cake from Nigella Lawson’s At My Table is perfect for teatime or dessert.

Individual dark chocolate cakes

From Alyce Alexandra’s Everyday Thermo Cooking, try these decadent chocolate cakes…

Victoria sponge cake

Delight friends and family with this Victoria sponge with strawberries and white chocolate cream from Ottolenghi’s Sweet.

Gluten-free lemon and coconut cake

Try this sweet delight from What Katie Ate: At the Weekend.

Chocolate, malt and cocoa nib cake

Try your hand at this rather remarkable chocolate cake recipe from Belinda Jeffery.

Raspberry coconut teacake

Try this egg- and butter-free cake recipe from Phillippa's Home Baking.

Apple and olive oil cake

Try this enduring fan favourite recipe from Ottolenghi: the Cookbook.