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Book clubs  •  9 January 2024


Foul Play book club questions

A heart-stopping jack Hawksworth novel to read with your book club.

In Foul Play, superstar footballer Luca Bruni is being blackmailed for a night of lust he swears he didn’t participate in . . .  but the ransom photo implies otherwise. Determined to protect his reputation (and family life), he passionately defies the extortion racket.

When Detective Superintendent Jack Hawksworth spots a pattern of similar blackmail attempts targeting the world’s most prized male athletes, he journies into a case with far-reaching – and deadly – implications.  

Discussion points and questions

  • Blackmailers rely on victims’ fear of exposure. What did you think of Luca’s refusal to give in to the blackmail demands?
  • Both Luca and his wife, Ally, are famous. Do you think the benefits of being a celebrity outweigh the potential risks and downsides?
  • Can two people be friends if one of them has romantic feelings for the other? Discuss how this dynamic affects Kate and Jack in this book.
  • Did you at any point believe Luca was lying about what happened at the big event? Why or why not?
  • Harry Taylor says he doesn’t blame Luca for his career-ending injury. How do you think this situation has affected their friendship and the friendship between Ally and Gina?
  • Is any one of the members of the Stonecrop ops team a stand-out character for you? How do they set themselves apart from the rest of the team?
  • Jack crosses a line when he allows a witness to stay at Lou’s house. Discuss whether you think this was justified and why.
  • Many characters in Foul Play are involved in criminal activity, and many of them suffer negative consequences. Do you think they deserve what happens to them? Why or why not?
  • If you have read the other Jack Hawksworth books, how do you feel about Geoff being back in the picture?
  • Are there any themes in Foul Play that are similar to the other Jack Hawksworth books? Do you think he is learning from his past mistakes? Why or why not?

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Foul Play
The heart-stopping new crime thriller in the Detective Jack Hawksworth series by blockbuster author Fiona McIntosh.
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