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Article  •  10 February 2023


Exclusive audiobook content that will inspire you to read more than ever before

Love audiobooks? They’re even better with extra content! Check out some of the audiobooks that include exclusive recorded content for even more enjoyment.

There are so many reasons to love audiobooks. They’re convenient, they’re great for people who struggle with reading, and you can listen as fast or as slow as you’d like. Whether you want to smash through a series while on your morning commute or learn something new while chopping veggies for dinner, audiobooks allow you to multitask while you read.

But beyond the benefits of the format itself, audiobooks also offer something special.

While many readers might not realise it, several audiobooks also contain exclusive content, separate from the book’s material. Author notes, bonus chapters, and interviews are sometimes recorded in tandem with the audiobook, making for an even better listening experience.

Scroll on to see some of the amazing audiobooks that include exclusive content, with selections from every genre for all kinds of readers.

Audiobooks with exclusive content

'Head and Heart' audiobook cover.

Head and Heart by Kirstin Ferguson, narrated by the author

Kirstin Ferguson’s Head and Heart is a modern guidebook to leadership. In teaching listeners how to integrate the head and the heart in leading, Kirstin paves the way for leadership as you’ve never known it before. In addition to teaching you how to leave a positive legacy, the audiobook also includes an exclusive conversation with fellow author Melissa Doyle.  

'Talking About a Revolution' audiobook cover.

Talking About a Revolution by Yassmin Abdel-Magied, narrated by the author

With her trademark optimism, sass, boldness and search for answers, Yassmin Abdel-Magied explores resistance transformation and revolution in Talking About a Revolution. Each essay is written and read with passion, intelligence, and insight from Yassmin’s lived experience. The audiobook version includes an exclusive conversation between Yassmin and Australian writer, Randa Abdel-Fattah

'Fanatic Heart' audiobook cover.

Fanatic Heart by Tom Keneally, narrated by David Tredinnick

Fanatic Heart is a retelling of the life and exploits of Irish patriot John Mitchel. A lawyer, journalist, activist and politician, John was charged with treason and tried by an English judge. To avoid a breakout and rebellion, he was snuck off the Irish mainland, eventually making his way to Australia and then the US. Though he was a powerful voice for Irish nationalism, John eventually supported the ownership of slaves in the US – making this book a realistic, challenging and thought-provoking reflection on one man’s life. The audiobook edition includes an exclusive author’s note from Tom Keneally

'The Gift of Asking' audiobook cover.

The Gift of Asking by Kemi Nekvapil, narrated by the author

In The Gift of Asking, executive and personal coach Kemi Nekvapil breaks down cultural myths about asking for what we need. With a focus on inspiring women to speak up for themselves, the book teaches listeners that they are always worthy of making the requests that will help them. This audiobook also includes an exclusive reflection by Kemi about the things that have changed since the book’s first publication in 2017.

'Time Wise' audiobook cover.

 Time Wise by Amantha Imber, narrated by the author

Do you ever feel like you simply don’t have enough time? Let’s be real – we’ve all been there. Time Wise is here to help, with plenty of practical guidelines for making the most of your time. Full of secrets and habits of highly effective people, this book is a goldmine for anyone looking for strategies to cope a bit better. The audiobook edition includes an exclusive bonus chapter with six extra tips from Amantha on how to use your time more wisely.

'Mothertongues' audiobook cover.

Mothertongues by Ceridwen Dovey and Eliza Bell, narrated by Aimee Horne

This genre-defying marvel is made even more fun when listened to in audiobook form. Together, the two authors have gathered scenes, songs, poems, text messages, and more from the salvaged scraps of their daily lives to call out the absurdity of motherhood. Imagining themselves in a world where they don’t have to choose between art and motherhood, their musings are funny, thoughtful and eerily familiar. The audiobook also includes an exclusive conversation between the authors and their composer, Keppie Coutts

'With Love From Wish & Co'

With Love From Wish & Co by Minnie Darke, narrated by Zoe Carides

Marni Fairchild is the brains and talent behind Wish & Co, a boutique store offering bespoke gift-buying services to wealthy clients. But when one little mix-up sets off an unexpected chain of events, the repercussions rattle her business. . . and her love life. This audiobook includes an exclusive author’s note from Minnie Darke.

'KING' audiobook cover.

KING by Hau Latukefu, narrated by the author

While listening to KING, readers will hear first-hand from the rap pioneer, ARIA-winner, radio presenter, tastemaker and mentor that is Hau Latukefu. Recounting his journey from ‘Struggle Town’ to the top of the charts, his memoir is an inspiring look inside his life, family, and the art of making music that sparks a revolution. The audiobook edition includes exclusive bonus chapters, not included in the book. 

'The Spy's Wife' book cover.

The Spy’s Wife by Fiona McIntosh, narrated by Katy Sobey

The Spy’s Wife is a fast-paced historical thriller that will keep you second-guessing until the very end. Evie is a widow and the stationmaster’s daughter. When presented with the chance to love again, she falls for Roger – but if only things were that simple. When Roger is accused of being a Nazi spy, Evie comes up with a bold plan to prove his innocence. To make the audiobook even better, the recording includes an exclusive author’s note and Q&A with Fiona McIntosh.

'The Orphans' audiobook cover.

The Orphans by Fiona McIntosh, narrated by Ainslie McGlynn

Can’t get enough after The Spy’s Wife? Then you’ll also want to listen to this historical adventure from the same author, The Orphans. A chance encounter between two children changes the course of their lives forever. As Fleur fights for the survival of her family’s business, Tom seeks new work at the port. When their paths cross again, the two become caught up in a murder investigation, in which they can only trust each other. This audiobook also includes an exclusive author’s note from Fiona McIntosh.

'Till Death, or a Little Light Maiming, Do Us Part' audiobook cover.

Till Death, or a Little Light Maiming, Do Us Part by Kathy Lette, narrated by Melissa madden Gray

When it’s reported that Jason Riley has been taken by a Great White during his morning swim, his wife Gwen races to the beach, shocked and heartbroken. But shortly after she arrives . . . so does his other wife. As both women realise they’ve been married to the same man, their mutual animosity is only made worse upon the discovery that Jason has recently sent all of his money to a mysterious ‘business partner’ in Egypt. This double-crossing, pulse-pounding read is full of energy and excitement. The audiobook edition includes an exclusive – and hilarious – author's note, narrated by Kathy Lette

'Am I Black Enough for You Yet' audiobook cover.

Am I Black Enough For You? by Anita Heiss, narrated by the author

In this heartfelt and revealing memoir, author Anita Heiss gives her firsthand experience as a woman with a Wiradyuri mother and Austrian father. With her signature wit and humorous writing style, she digs into the development of her activist consciousness and the daily work she undertakes to ensure a more equitable future for people across Australia. This audiobook includes an exclusive conversation between Anita and her publisher, giving listeners even more insight into this inspiring author’s mind.

'Denizen' audiobook cover.

Denizen by James McKenzie Watson, narrated by Matthew Pearce

Once you start this rural thriller, you won’t be able to press pause. On a remote property in western NSW, nine-year-old Parker fears that something is wrong with his brain. In an attempt to control his internal chaos, he sparks a series of events that spiral out of control in deadly and devasting ways. When he reunites with old friends, unresolved fear, guilt and violence come to the surface, forcing Parker to address the consequences of his childhood actions. This audiobook includes an exclusive conversation between the author and his publisher.

'Anything but Fine' audiobook cover.

Anything But Fine by Tobias Madden, narrated by Matthew Backer

YA fans will absolutely adore Anything But Fine. Tobias Madden’s debut novel, the story follows Luca as he prepares to audition for the Australian Ballet School. All it takes to crush his dreams is one missed step . . . and a broken foot. With an unlikely bond growing between a school acquaintance and a life-changing injury, Luca starts to question who he is without ballet and whether he’s setting himself up for another heartbreak. Listen to the audiobook to hear an exclusive conversation between Tobias and narrator Matthew Backer.

'The Godmothers' audiobook.

The Godmothers by Monica McInerney, narrated by Nikki Shiels, Ella Scott Lynch and Annie Maynard

Despite Eliza’s complicated childhood, she always felt loved and secure thanks to her two supportive godmothers. Just before her eighteenth birthday, a tragic event changes Eliza’s life, prompting her to become a careful, reserved adult woman. Thirteen years later, an unexpected invitation from one of the godmothers prompts a leap into the unknown and soon Eliza finds herself in the middle of a complicated family in Edinburgh. Set in Australia, Scotland, Ireland and England, this book takes listeners on a journey with Eliza to learn about love, lies, hope and sorrow. The audiobook makes the story even more special with an exclusive author’s note.  


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Featured Titles

Head and Heart
Winner of the 2023 Royal Society of Arts Career Book Award.
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Talking About a Revolution
With her trademark optimism, sass, boldness and search for answers, across a collection of new and revisited essays, Yassmin Abdel-Magied explores resistance, transformation, and revolution.
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Fanatic Heart
You don’t need me to tell you Keneally is a brilliant storyteller, but with Fanatic Heart he proves it once again. ARTS HUB 'The novel's resonance for our time is deafening.' THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD A retelling of the life and exploits of Irish patriot John Mitchel, with a particular focus on his time in exile on Van Diemen’s Land.
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The Gift of Asking
If you struggle to say no, take time for yourself, or ask for what you want or need, this book is for you.
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Time Wise
The instant bestseller from the behavioural scientist behind the #1 ranking Australian business podcast How I Work.
Read more
Shortlisted for the 2023 NSW Premier's Literary Awards: Douglas Stewart Prize for Non-Fiction. A genre-defying, collaborative marvel that brings the absurdity of motherhood to the page.
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With Love From Wish & Co
From the author of the international bestsellers Star-crossed and The Lost Love Song comes a captivating novel about a young woman whose one little mix-up sets off an unexpected chain of events, with repercussions for her business . . . and her love life.
Read more
Rap pioneer, ARIA-winner, radio presenter, taste-maker, producer, label-owner, mentor – Hau Latukefu recounts his journey from Queanbeyan, aka ‘Struggle Town’, to the top of Australian hip hop in this inspiring memoir about the meaning of family, the art of the grind and what it takes to spark a music revolution.
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The Spy’s Wife
Embark on a captivating journey of love, espionage, and treacherous alliances, as a widow's relentless pursuit for truth takes her from the untamed landscapes of northern England to the heart of Nazi Germany, where trust is scarce and loyalties are tested in the face of ultimate sacrifices.
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The Orphans
The highly anticipated new historical adventure by the bestselling author of The Spy's Wife.
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Till Death, or a Little Light Maiming, Do Us Part
A terrific, raunchy romp with heart! Just what we need right now. Magda Szubanski
Read more
Am I Black Enough For You?
The story of an urban-based high achieving Wiradyuri woman working to break down stereotypes and build bridges between black and white Australia.
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Denizen: Winner of the Penguin Literary Prize
A rural thriller from the winner of the 2021 Penguin Literary Prize.
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Anything But Fine
A heartfelt and hilarious Australian YA debut from a rising star.
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The Godmothers
The heartwarming new novel by Australia's #1 bestselling author.
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