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Article  •  26 April 2023


What book to gift Mum this Mother’s Day, based on her favourite flower

Find the perfect book based on the blooms she already loves.

Don’t know what to gift Mum this Mother’s Day?

Well, we might be biased, but you really can’t go wrong with a book.

If you think picking out a book for your mum sounds like a tricky feat, fear not. We’ve created this handy guide allowing you to select the book you gift your mum, based on her favourite flower.

So, what will it be?

Read on to find out.

Clover = The Collected Regrets of Clover by Mikki Brammer

A patch of clovers next to 'The Collected Regrets of Clover' book.

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If your mum loves clovers, then she’ll adore The Collected Regrets of Clover. Most people get frustrated when they see these pesky weeds in their yard, but not your mum – oh no.

Your mum is different. She finds beauty in everything, and clovers are no exception. She cherishes each little clover for the beautiful flower it is. Your mum will love this book because it’s all about having that same appreciation for life and the magic that comes along with it.

Trust us, she’ll love it.

Sunflower = Someone Else’s Shoes by Jojo Moyes

Sunflower next to the book 'Someone Else's Shoes'.

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In Someone Else’s Shoes, one of the main characters Sam has a campervan with a giant sunflower painted on the side. An emblem of her stagnant marriage, Sam has come to view the unused campervan and its garish sunflower with resentment. Until a chance encounter with another unhappily married woman changes everything.

In parallel plotlines, the two women untangle their marital problems and gain a newfound sense of confidence and hope for the future.

Like sunflowers, they learn to stand a little taller and turn their sights towards the sunny parts of life.  If your mum has enjoyed Jojo Moyes’s previous books, she’s sure to love this one as well.

Lily = Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

Lilies next to 'Lessons in Chemistry'.

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Mum loves lilies? We think she’ll also enjoy Lessons in Chemistry. Like the book’s protagonist Elizabeth Zott, lilies are beautiful, can be found in California and are somehow un-ignorable.

But also like Elizabeth Zott, they should not be messed with.

While lilies are highly toxic to animals and humans, Elizabeth’s ferocious side comes out any time the patriarchy tries to quash or abuse her.

Wildflowers = Happy Place by Emily Henry

A field of wildflowers next to the book 'Happy Place' by Emily Henry.

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Wildflowers feature in a pivotal scene in Happy Place when the main characters finally see each other for who they really are.

Harriett and Wynn might appear to be the picture-perfect couple, but they’re not . . . for reasons they’re not discussing. Worst of all, they’re hiding it from their friends.

But like wildflowers can’t help but bloom, this duo can’t seem to shake the thing that keeps pulling them back together. If your mum is romantic at heart, she won’t be able to put this book down.

Forget-me-nots = Spare by Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex

Photo of forget-me-nots next to the book 'Spare' by Prince Harry.

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Why should your mum read Spare if she loves forget-me-nots?

These cute flowers are said to have been Princess Diana's favourite and have since become symbolic to Prince Harry.  In 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle paid tribute to Harry’s late mother by planting forget-me-nots and other flowers at a preschool in Los Angeles.

Even if your mum doesn’t keep up with royal family news, she’ll enjoy this insightful, well-written and entertaining memoir by Prince Harry.

Roses = Dead Tide by Fiona McIntosh

Rose next to the book 'Dead Tide' by Fiona McIntosh.

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If your mum loves roses, then she knows how to look danger in the eye!

Roses are not gentle flowers, with their spiky thorns waiting to prick a stray finger. If your mum enjoys living on the edge like this, then she will love Dead Tide.

This page-turning thriller follows a newly promoted detective who gets swept up in a chilling new case that reaches across the world. From England to Adelaide, he will get caught up in an intoxicating private drama as he strives to bring justice to those who are grieving.

Hydrangeas = Lenny Marks Gets Away with Murder by Kerryn Mayne

Hydrangea next to 'Lenny Marks Gets Away With Murder'.

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Looking for a book that your mum will adore as much as she adores hydrangeas? Then look no further. Lenny Marks Gets Away With Murder should be your go-to gift this Mother’s Day. Not only do hydrangeas get a mention in the novel, but they’re also totally unique.

Their unusual shape makes them a gorgeous addition to a flower arrangement, and they’re equally striking on their own. The same can be said about this book’s main character, Lenny. She’s unlike anyone else you’ve ever met in the real world or fiction, but your mum will love her more for it. If your mum enjoyed Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, this debut is about to become her new favourite.

Peach blossoms = Go as a River by Shelley Read

Peach blossoms next to 'Go as a River' by Shelley Read.

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If your mum likes peach blossoms (or cherry blossoms – they look quite similar), then you should gift her Go as a River. Just like a blossoming tree fills your heart with hope and light, so too does this novel.

Peach trees also feature heavily throughout the book. Set in the Colorado mountains, the book follows a girl named Victoria Nash who grows up on a peach orchard. One small decision changes Victoria’s life forever, and over the years that follow she must learn how to grow, let go of the past and accept life as it unfolds in front of her.

Eucalyptus flowers = Sixty-Seven Days by Yvonne Weldon

Red Eucalyptus flowers next to 'Sixty-Seven Days' by Yvonne Weldon.

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This book is a beautiful story of first love that follows protagonists Evie and James for sixty-seven days of their relationship, interwoven with Wiradjuri Dreaming, family and cutlure.

At one point in the novel, the young couple goes on a walk when visiting a cabin. Totally immersed in the land, Evie is awestruck by the plants around her. Feeling the presence of her ancestors all around, she appreciates the cycle of life and the native plants surrounding the cabin, including the red eucalyptus flowers of the summer red gum.

Agapanthus = Bluey: Queens by Bluey

Agapanthus next to 'Bluey: Queens' book.

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Have you ever noticed Bluey’s backyard? The landscaping is on-point!

Along the fence, the Heeler family grows some beautiful agapanthus which can be seen in the illustrations of Bluey: Queens.

Read along as Bluey and Bingo take turns playing queen and butler . . . until they realise who has been the real queen all along: their mum Chilli of course! While this book might be a book for kids, mums will enjoy reading it aloud with little ones.

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