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Book clubs  •  9 July 2021


Mirror Man book club notes

Ponder whether one life is worth more than another with Fiona McIntosh's latest thriller.

Described by Better Reading as '...a gritty, action-packed and heart-stopping thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end,' Mirror Man is an excellent choice for book club. Pour everyone a cup of tea and get stuck into the thought-provoking questions below.

Discussion points and questions:

  • Justice means something different to everyone. Discuss.
  • ‘Whoever is killing these people is killing criminals.’ Can taking another human life ever be justified?
  • Why do you think Jack is so reluctant to reveal to the public that he suspects they have a vigilante killer on their hands?
  • Lauren is ruthless in the pursuit of her story. Did you find this quality admirable in her case, or did she cross a line?
  • In what ways did the perpetrator ‘mirror’ the crimes of his victims?
  • Do you understand Kate’s affection for Jack, or is she simply making life difficult for herself?
  • In what ways can the legal system let us down?
  • Do you appreciate and even share Jack’s sympathy towards Anne, or should she be seen as just another cold-hearted killer like any other?
  • Why does Jack have such bad luck with women? Discuss in relation to Mirror Man and the previous two novels in the DCI Jack Hawksworth series.
  • Is one life ever worth more than another?

Mirror Man Fiona McIntosh

On the streets of England, a hunter is on the loose.

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