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Article  •  16 March 2023


4 famous cooks share their favourite food memories

Your favourite cookbook authors have spoken, and these are their favourite food memories. From ice cream in Paris to takeaway pizza, read about their most-treasured gastronomical moments.

Anyone who loves food can confirm: food is not just fuel. For so many, food is much more. Food can bring back memories, create occasions for certain experiences and be the foundation of some very special moments.

Curious to find out about the food moments that have impacted some of the most famous cookbook authors, we decided to ask the question, 'What’s your favourite food memory?'

The responses were sweet, savoury and full of love.

Scroll on to read what they had to say and check out some of the best recipes from their cookbooks.

Eloise Head, author of Fitwaffle's Baked In One

I always used to bake with my great auntie and little sister whilst my mum and dad were at work. She’s actually the one who introduced me to baking. We would make jam tarts, fairy cakes, shortbread biscuits etc. and it was always so much fun.

Try a recipe from Eloise:

Recipe card showing ingredients for salted caramel fudge.


Nathan Anthony, author of Bored of Lunch: The Healthy Slow Cooker Book

Sitting on the living room floor watching movies with my parents while eating takeaway pizza. That is the beauty of food, it can trigger lovely memories.

Try a recipe from Nathan:

Recipe card showing ingredients for red lentil dhal.


Jane Dunn, author of Jane's Patisserie: Celebrate!

Baking for my friend’s little girl’s first birthday is my most recent favourite – but generally I love every memory with food – they’re all so delicious!

Try a recipe from Jane:

Recipe card showing ingredients for cinnamon blondies.


Matt Preston, author of Matt Preston’s World of Flavour

I have so many but they are always connected primarily to the people I shared the meal with. It could be sitting on the tiny quay at Tavira (Portugal) eating linguardo straight from the grill with my best friends and the woman I love; picking tomatoes from the sweltering greenhouse as a small boy with my grandfather; or sharing a recent meal at Chauncy in Heathcote with my RoadTrip Club where we laughed for 4 hours straight and ate (and drank) exceptionally well. See my instagram, @mattscravat for exactly how well!

Try a recipe from Matt:

Recipe card showing ingredients for Six-minute chicken satay.


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