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  • Published: 19 December 2018
  • ISBN: 9780241984840
  • Imprint: Penguin Audio
  • Format: Audio Download
  • RRP: $18.99

The Stress Solution

The 4 Steps to a Calmer, Happier, Healthier You

The revolutionary guide to re-thinking and combating stress from the bestselling author of The 4 Pillar Plan.

Penguin presents the audiobook edition of The Stress Solution written and readby Dr Rangan Chatterjee.

The very existence of stress generates more stress. The more of it that piles up, the less we're able to cope. It's time to take back control.

For Dr Chatterjee, the key to solving the problem of stress is about addressing the underlying causes of our anxieties in four main areas: Body, Mind, Relationships, and Life.

Pairing the science of what happens in our brains and our bodies when we become stressed, with personal accounts and patient cases, Dr Chatterjee provides easy to implement solutions for the whole spectrum of stressors we face on a daily basis.

From identifying our 'Micro Stress Doses' - those individual portions of stress we encounter moment to moment, and our 'Macro Stress Doses' - those big adverse life events that can have long-lasting impact; Dr Chatterjee will take you on a journey to regain control over your stress, rather than it having control over you.

Introducing a new way of thinking about health, The Stress Solution will help you to live a happier, more fulfilling and stress-free life.

  • Published: 19 December 2018
  • ISBN: 9780241984840
  • Imprint: Penguin Audio
  • Format: Audio Download
  • RRP: $18.99

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Praise for The Stress Solution

"(This) simple health revolution looks set to become a 2018 bestseller"

The Telegraph on The 4 Pillar Plan

"This new take on health and weight loss from TV doctor Rangan Chatterjee is the most sensible plan we've seen in a long time. Think of it as good housekeeping for the body..."

The Good Housekeeping on The 4 Pillar Plan

"It's a simple concept" explains the author Dr Rangan Chatterjee, "but I really feel that it could transform people's lives". Having read it cover to cover, I do too: I'm giving it to at least six people"

The Mail on Sunday on The 4 Pillar Plan

"Rangan presents a better year long frame work to encourage us all to take better care of our health all year round rather than embarking on short term deprivation diets and unsustainable assaults on the gym"

The Sunday Express on The 4 Pillar Plan

"Life's constant pressures can get too much. This book will help you stay calm and sane in this chaotic, busy world"

Amelia Freer author of Cook. Nourish. Glow

"Chatterjee ensures that both mind and body will be in superior health after reading this prescriptive manifesto"

Matthew Walker, author of bestselling book Why We Sleep

"Rangan's new book is full of useful advice on how to stay calm and live a happier, more fulfilled life"

Michael Acton Smith

"The Stress Solution follows the same winning formula as his first book - taking you through revolutionary simple steps to de-stress all four corners of your life."

The Daily Telegraph

"This is required reading for just about anyone who lives in the modern world"

Get The Gloss

"This guide deserves to become your year-round health bible"

Sunday Express

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