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Indigenous themes – secondary

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These books will help secondary students better understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history.

A range of titles for students of years 7–12.

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Teachers' notes and additional resources

Language is life

In The Yield, Tara June Winch explores how every word is embedded with stories.

Book clubs
The Yield book club notes

Add the profoundly moving and exquisitely written book, The Yield, to your book club's reading list.

The Yield

I was born on Ngurambang – can you hear it? – Ngu–ram–bang.

Jack Charles

It’s the middle of the night and I’m huddled over, dragging my dilly bag, which is chock-full with all sorts of goods – jewellery, frozen food, wallets and the like.

Book clubs
The Drover's Wife book club notes

Treat your book club to Leah Purcell's harrowing and timely retelling of Henry Lawson's The Drover's Wife.

The Drover's Wife - Interview with the author Leah Purcell

We sat down with Leah Purcell to chat about her new book The Drover’s Wife: The Legend of Molly Johnson.

The Drover's Wife

I love the snow gum.

Book clubs
Of Ashes book club notes

Discussion notes for this deeply moving memoir.