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Conversations that matter

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Books unafraid to tackle difficult subjects, spurring increased awareness and discussion.

Me Too, Women’s Suffrage, Civil Rights, Reconciliation, Black Lives Matter, Yes to Marriage Equality – at the heart of every uprising against injustice are tough conversations that trigger realisations about the state of the world. And when the collective focus shifts to the issues that really matter, it can be incredible to witness a groundswell of support gaining momentum. Here are some books whose authors are lending their voices, stories and perspectives to some challenging but important conversations.

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Not Just Lucky

If little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice, then adult women are basically pavlova. Early in womanhood we are taught to please others, whether that is our parents or our teachers or our peers.

Jamila Rizvi – Not Just Lucky

Jamila Rizvi demonstrates how women are made to feel the need to apologise for themselves at work - and they shouldn’t have to.

Any Ordinary Day

The day that turns a life upside down usually starts like any other.

Leigh Sales Q&A

Rapid-fire questions for the award-winning Australian journalist and author.

The Arsonist

Picture a fairytale’s engraving. Straight black trees stretching in perfect symmetry to their vanishing point, the ground covered in thick white snow.

The Prettiest Horse in the Glue Factory

My father taught me to kill. In balmy Brisbane nights, on our front lawn and in our backyard, we kill cane toads together.