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Downtime = more time to read.

In a queue? On a train? Planning a staycation? Bring a book. Pack as many as you like. Build a reading cubby, and get the snacks ready. Here are some super reads to keep you entertained in your dwell time.

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The Banksia Bay Beach Shack

Laura rearranged the hydrangeas that adorned the end of each pew.

HRT: Husband Replacement Therapy

Once upon a time there was a woman who discovered she had turned into the wrong person . . . That’s me, by the way.

River Run

Lifting the corner flap of flyscreen, Robbie pushed against the stained- glass window of the schoolroom.

True Blue

There was something about the colour of the Kimberley sky that gave Free a shiver of joy every time she drove home to Paterson Downs.

The Adversary

A smart man once told me to be careful around gifts, as they’re often more complicated than they first appear.

Heart of the Grass Tree

My mother kept bees: Apis mellifera ligustica, the Ligurian bee, which exists in its purest strain here on Kangaroo Island.


The posts on the Stuart Highway were white with round, red reflectors attached at the top.

The Spill

The two girls waited for their mother on the verandah of the Bruce Rock pub, which offered shade but little relief from the heat of the late afternoon.

The Desert Midwife

Ava May watched the big guy she’d seen at Sydney Airport fill the empty seat beside her in the aeroplane.

The Gift of Life

‘So, it’s been a year since The Tin Man opened?’ the journalist asked, checking her notes. She was young and shiny and chirpy, which gave Gabby hope the article would be a correspondingly positive one.

The Godmothers

By the time Eliza Maxine Olivia Miller was eleven, she had lived in eight different country towns.