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Article  •  30 August 2023


This romance novel will fill the void left behind by the Women’s World Cup

Feeling sad that the Women’s World Cup is over? Find out why reading Love Match will fill the void.

Sad that the Women’s World Cup is over? Wish you could rewind a few weeks and relive the excitement of watching the Matildas take the field by storm? Desperate for more sporty entertainment to fill your spare time?

We’ve got the perfect novel to cure your woes.

Look no further than Clare Fletcher’s Love Match. Sam Kerr even posed with the book for Instagram, so what further convincing could you possibly need?

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With its Australian setting, sport-centric plotline and swoon-worthy romance, this book will cure your Matildas hangover – and then some. Once you close the last page, you might even be inspired to join a sports team yourself!

What’s it about?

In a small town like South Star, everyone knows who you are. And for Sarah Childs, this is less than ideal – especially after her breakup with local legend Johnno West. With everyone watching her next move, Sarah wants nothing more than to retreat to her family farm where she can run the show solo for the rest of her days.

But there’s just one problem with that aspiration: Sarah is only twenty-four, and her parents think she needs some life experience before they give her full reign. Instead of whinging about it,  Sarah decides to prove them wrong.

If they want her to be Miss South Star, she’ll do it. She’ll even humour them by going on a few dates if that’s what it takes.

When she joins a new women’s rugby team, the Pink Cockatoos, Sarah begins to discover herself. Not only will she learn a new game, but she’ll figure out who she is . . .  and maybe even find real love.

Praise for Love Match

‘Finding your place in a small town can be tough. Love Match is funny, warm and real, and cements Clare Fletcher's position as queen of the Aussie country town romance. Long may she reign!’ – Hayley Scrivenor

‘No one writes Australian romance quite like Clare Fletcher. Love Match is raw, real, and entirely romantic - with the most wonderfully cheeky twinkle in its eye.’ – Jodi McAlister

Love Match is keenly observed, impeccably drawn and utterly bingeable.’ – Karina May

About Clare Fletcher

Clare Fletcher took the Australian romance writing world by storm last year with her debut novel Five Bush Weddings.

Following a wedding photographer who feels like she’s playing catch-up in life, the swoon-worthy country romance captured the hearts of readers across the country. Unique in her portrayal of life in the Australian country, Clare’s writing has introduced romance readers to a new setting – one that’s familiar to many Australians in rural areas but seldom represented in rom-coms.

Love Match continues this tradition, based in a fictional rural town and centred around one family’s homestead. Anyone who has grown up in a rural town will love Clare’s witty observations and ‘Small Town Problems’ highlighted throughout the book.

In addition to her writing, Clare is also a host on That Rom Com Pod alongside fellow Aussie author Karina May. On the fortnightly podcast, they talk about their favourite reads, tropes and provide their own expert opinions on what you should read next.


Interested? Start reading Love Match, here

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