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Article  •  22 August 2022


What to read next based on your favourite type of potato

Love books? Love potatoes? Find your next read here.

Come one, come all to the Penguin potato celebration where we salute the humble spud and recommend the perfect books to go alongside.

No matter how you take 'em, there is a book to pair with your potatoes. Whether you're a fan of a classic hot chip or prefer the trendy sweet potato, there is something for everyone.

So, what will you read next?

Scroll down to your favourite potato dish to find out.

What to read next based on your favourite potato

Potato Gratin: Five Bush Weddings

You have a soft spot for the cheesy things – and so does Stevie, the protagonist of Five Bush Weddings. Working as a wedding photographer, she gets a glimpse into some of the cheesiest moments of people’s lives but loves it nonetheless.

If you are looking for a warming, delicious read featuring layers of character development and the perfect amount of cheese, Five Bush Weddings is for you.

Plain: The Martian

First off, if you like eating plain potatoes, you might be overdue a cooking class – or a new cookbook at the very least. All judgement aside, though, we suggest that you read The MartianWhen astronaut Mark Watney gets stranded on Mars, the humble potato is one of his only means of sustenance. While you will have to read the book to find out how Mark manages to farm on the barren planet, you can safely assume there’s not much flavour involved in his potato-heavy meals.

P.S. While the novel is a work of fiction, scientists have recently found a way to grow potatoes on Mars after being inspired by author Andy Weir’s depiction of Mark’s farming in The Martian.  

Hashbrowns: Jack Reacher series

Jack Reacher likes to eat. A lot.

Though he will eat pretty much anything, the investigator seems to show an affinity for breakfast foods. We suspect he would scarf down a pile of hash browns, probably accompanying a full big brekkie. If this sounds like you, you might want to dive into the Reacher series to get caught up before the new book, No Plan B, comes out on 25 October 2022.

Sweet potatoes: Half Baked Harvest Every Day

This might be the most obvious pick on the list, but if you like sweet potatoes, you should definitely snag a copy of Half Baked Harvest Every DayWith more than 120 all-new recipes from beloved food blogger Tieghan Gerard, this book is all about wholesome decadence. With fabulous recipes and plenty of mouth-watering photos, cooks of all stripes will love this book. Don’t just take our word for it – try these sweet potato nachos from the cookbook to see for yourself.  

Potato chips: Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?

Potato chip lovers, listen up. Put Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? on your TBR list immediately. In many ways, this self-help book is like the healthy equivalent of potato chips. Addictive, unputdownable and beautiful in its straightforwardness. Like chips, this book is snackable, as the bite-sized chapters are equally satisfying whether you have two minutes or two hours to read. Unlike chips, this book will actually make you feel better with its helpful advice and coping techniques to help you stay positive and resilient. Once you read one chapter, you will tear through the whole book, only to find yourself reaching the metaphorical bottom of the bag wondering ‘am I really done already?’

Hot chips: Chippy Chasers

If you love hot chips, you will adore Sam Cotton's upcoming book, Chippy Chasers, which comes out on 30 August 2022. While it is technically a children's book, Chippy Chasers will delight fans of all ages, whether you know Sam from TikTok or his many TV appearances. Telling the story of three seagulls who are tired of settling for scraps, the graphic novel chronicles their attempt to pull off the ultimate chippy heist. Will they succeed in finally getting some hot chips of their own? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Potato soup: The People on Platform 5

If you like potato soup, The People on Platform 5 is the cosy read you should pick up next. Just like a tasty soup, this book will make you feel good. Simple as that.

Following a group of commuters who happen to share the same train journey every day, the book is a heart-warming tale of love, friendship, and the magic of connecting with those around you. Get ready to snuggle up, put your soup on the stove and dive right into this lovable read.

Mashed potatoes: Roald Dahl

If you like mashed potatoes, we suggest you read (or re-read) the works of Roald Dahl. Timeless, classic, and generally crowd-pleasing, this carby dish and famous author have more in common than meets the eye. Just like mashed potatoes, the books of Roald Dahl are versatile. You can read them at any age and still enjoy the experience. Both are also considered crowd-pleasers with loyal followings. Side note: several of the author’s most popular titles just got updated with fresh covers and additional illustrations, so there has never been a better time to revisit your favourite Roald Dahl books.


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No Plan B
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Half Baked Harvest Every Day
125 all-new, soul-satisfying, easy recipes with a healthy spin from the New York Times bestselling author of Half Baked Harvest Super Simple
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Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?
A positive, practical handbook for better mental health from clinical psychologist and multi-million-follower TikTok sensation, Dr Julie Smith
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Chippy Chasers: Chippy Jackpot
Who loves a delicious, hot, salty chippy? Seagull mates Steve-O, Stanley and Stacey do . . . A hilarious graphic novel for readers aged 6+ from actor, animator and Tiktok sensation Sam Cotton.
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The People on Platform 5
No one writes about community and unexpected friendships like Clare Pooley. Joyful and heart-warming, this is the perfect book-club read
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The film tie-in edition of the original Matilda story.
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