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Article  •  29 June 2022


7 locations from Sixty-Seven Days readers can visit in real life

These 7 real locations from Sixty-Seven Days are the perfect places to visit while reading the book. Immerse yourself in this romantic drama by exploring the same places the characters visit in the novel.

Coming 5 July 2022, Sixty-Seven Days is a mesmerising story of first love, interwoven with Wiradjuri dreaming. Written by Yvonne Weldon, the story follows two young lovers as they grow and learn over sixty-seven days.

Evie is a hard-working university student with some dark secrets. James is fresh out of an apprenticeship and getting work experience as an electrician at the nearby Redfern station. When the two meet, Evie finally recognises the cloud she’s been living under, seeing a path towards light and love for the first time in years.

Evie falls for James fast, and in the process of falling in love, she also learns to reckon with her past. Bolstered by her love for James and the deep connection they share in exploring their common ancestry, Evie finally feels like life is looking up.

But will the high last?

To find out, you’ll have to read the book. But readers in Sydney can take it one step further by visiting real-world locations to immerse themselves in Evie and James' story.

If you want to experience the narrative alongside the young couple while you read, set aside some time to explore some of these key locations mentioned throughout the novel. 


Real-world locations to visit from Sixty-Seven Days


Pay a Visit to The University of Sydney

At the novel’s opening, readers see Evie in a philosophy lecture at the The University of Sydney. Visit the uni and stroll around to get a sense for Evie’s academic life. Try to locate the Old Teacher’s College to get a good idea of where Evie was at the beginning of the book.

There are plenty of signs of the old days in the walls, and even in the smell of the room – so much character left over from the years and the students.


Go to a cafe in Redfern

Evie and James have their first date at a cafe in Redfern. Go to one of the many cafes in the area, and enjoy some lunch like they do. Bonus points if you order the same food that Evie eats in the book: ‘hot chips with barbecue sauce and a can of lemon and lime mineral water, please.’

There is a hot-food section with roasts, chips and Chiko Rolls, and a sandwich counter.
Yesterday was a blur, today is a day of butterflies. Of butterflies and of the birds chirping in the trees. Always the trees . . . The creation of life where life already exists, the birds living in a home that was made for them, or was it created by their ancestors?
I don’t reckon I’m going to be able to eat; my nerves are taking over, are making me sweat, and my legs are bonding to the chair even more tightly. I wish he would hurry up and get here. But he’s not late, I’m just early for a change.


Watch the sunrise on the hill by Bondi Icebergs

When a long night out turns into an early morning, the couple shares a romantic moment sitting at the top of the cliff on the South side of Bondi Beach, near Icebergs. Arrive early in the morning to catch the sunrise and watch the beautiful colours paint the sky above the ocean. As you sit, try to imagine the fleeting feelings of first love.

We drive to Bondi Beach and sit on the top of the cliff near Icebergs as we wait for the sun to come up. I sit with my back leaning into James’s chest, his arms wrapped around me, our cheeks connected to each other.
The rim of the sun hasn’t hit the horizon yet. The sky is still a dark shade of blue but you can see the pinkish yellow starting to creep up.


Visit the Royal National Park

On one of their early dates, Evie and James take a day trip to the Royal National Park. For a lovely afternoon out, copy the young lovers by settling down at a beach to spend the day sunbathing and swimming.

By the time we drive into the Royal National Park, I am calm and at ease again. We stopped off near Tom Uglys Bridge and had some fish and chips so we’re well fed and ready for a swim and maybe even a nap in the sun. Walking along the makeshift pathway to Garie Beach, James, the true gentleman that he is, carries everything, including my bag, which always weighs a ton with all the crap I have in it. He pulls me in close along the narrow dirt bush track surrounded by the occasional rock, trees, big and small, and some of my favourite ferns. I’m sure that creeping lizards and hidden wildlife are watching us as we walk by. I have never felt more comfortable.


Plan a weekend away at Culburra Beach

As the relationship deepens, Evie and James decide to spend a weekend away at Culburra Beach in Jervis Bay. Book a cabin in the National Park to fall in love with the cute lodgings and stunning natural scenery.

While James unpacks the car I explore the tiny cute cabin. The curtains and bedspread give it a retro look. I’m not sure the owners were trying for that style – the place has probably looked like this since the sixties. The bedspread is a brown terry towelling, the curtain an off-white colour – it looks like it was coloured by the sun, with a shadowing of leaf print on it faded with the years. There is a small kitchenette with a tabletop stove of two coil burners and mini oven/griller on the kitchen bench next to the sink and kettle. In front of the bed is a brown bench table with criss-cross legs and two matching benches. I venture down a narrow corridor to the tiny bathroom.
I can hear James out the front, on the verandah overlooking the beach. I move towards him. I love it all and would have chosen this too – if he had given me any choice. He planned this whole weekend. He wanted to make new memories for me.


Stop by the Hydro Majestic

On day forty-one, James and Evie take a special two-day trip to the Hydro Majestic hotel. Book a weekend, and imagine the young couple strolling the lush hallways, enjoying the hotel’s majesty, and taking in the surrounding picturesque views. For the ultimate experience, have dinner at the hotel’s Wintergarden restaurant, and imagine James and Evie at a table next to you as you enjoy your dinner.

At the entrance we are greeted by five wide arches, each one painted in a fading rich red colour and surrounded by manicured English box hedges. The Casino building, with its curved front, has a large domed roof with a lantern structure in the middle. From the reception area, several different wings take in the views of the beautiful Megalong Valley full of lush green trees. The grounds are impressive from any angle, whether looking out at the tennis courts on the ridge divided by the rustic stone wall, or to the perfectly manicured lawns. Down in the Megalong, you can see farmland that seems to hold off the mountain cliffs, with escarpments on either side and hundreds of trees approaching the Hydro Majestic.


Shop for flowers at Flemington Markets

Near the end of the novel, Evie and her mum go to the Flemington markets to shop for flowers. See for yourself what all the chaos is about by waking up early to catch the markets in all their busy glory. Pick up some of your favourite blooms or choose the same natives that Evie and her mum buy: bottlebrush, lilly pilly and kangaroo paws.

Flemington markets is full of characters, fruit and flowers. It’s six o’clock in the morning and we have been out here for almost an hour. Mum and I walk from stall to stall accompanied by a cacophony of noise from the trolleys moving boxes of fresh produce that has been trucked in from all over, men calling out, ‘Oranges!’ ‘Bananas!’ ‘Apples. Best quality!’ ‘Freshly picked. We’ll better any price.’ We head over to the flowers.

Love the idea of visiting these places alongside Evie and James? Pre-order Sixty-Seven Days to secure your copy ahead of the 5 July 2022 release date. Don’t forget to photograph and tag @penguinbooksaus on Instagram so we can follow along with your adventure!

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