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Book clubs  •  29 August 2023


Love Match book club questions

An Australian country romance to read with your book club.

In a town as small as South Star, everyone knows Sarah Childs’ name. And while she would happily keep to herself on her family’s property for the rest of her days, her parents are refusing to put her in charge until she spends a year getting more involved in the community and, yes, dating.

As she rekindles old friendships, dives into the dating deep-end and joins a new rugby team, she’ll begin to learn a new game. Funny and very Australian, the book will have you smiling, laughing and shedding a tear or two as Sarah figures out who she is – maybe even finding real love along the way.

Discussion points and questions

  • Have you ever lived in a small community? Did you enjoy the closeness or find it claustrophobic?
  • Sarah feels worried about the perils of dating in a small community. Would you use a dating app if you knew you’d be recognised by people you know?
  • Actual date activities can be limited in the bush, too! Would you rather go fishing with Brent or dress up and have a day out at a country race meet?
  • Have you ever felt like people expected you to be someone you’re not or were judging you? How did this affect your choices?
  • What’s your relationship with team sports? Have you played as an adult, or when did you stop? Why?
  • Fashion can hold powerful personal meaning beyond the fabric and thread. Do you have a piece of clothing you’d hold onto for sentimental reasons?
  • What do you think your wardrobe would say about you to someone from a later generation?
  • Jacinta’s very proud of renaming her salon ‘Dye Hard’. What’s the best pun name you’ve heard for a hairdresser or beauty salon?
  • The two competitions show an evolution over time, from the Miss Queensland Quest in Mabel’s day, which was very focused on physical appearance as well as fundraising, to the contemporary Showgirl competition, which encourages regional women to develop their leadership and advocacy skills. But both are focused only on women. Do you think it’s necessary to gender initiatives like this today? Why or why not?
  • Anxiety and mental health play a big role in Sarah’s story. How do you think living in a small community affected Sarah’s ability to seek help?
  • Sarah is still figuring out her identity as the story ends, but the fears she held about not being accepted were mostly unfounded. Do you think people are more accepting of difference than they used to be? Why or why not?
  • Who would you like to see play the roles of Mabel, Rose, Sarah and Smith in a movie adaptation?


Psst. . . while you're here, check out Clare Fletcher's first book, Five Bush Weddings too! 

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Love Match
A new romantic comedy from the author of Five Bush Weddings
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