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Article  •  18 August 2022


20 of the best non-fiction books of 2022

See some of the best non-fiction books of 2022 so far, as well as more great titles coming this year.

The best non-fiction books of 2022 from Dr Julie Smith, James Patterson, Julia Gillard and more.


Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? book cover.

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? by Dr Julie Smith

If you liked Atomic Habits, consider Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? a must-read. Full of simple, straightforward advice, this book provides plenty of tools to help you change your life for the better. By TikTok sensation and clinical psychologist Dr Julie Smith, the book is warm and informal, making it an approachable read for everyone.



Patting the Shark book cover.

Patting the Shark by Tim Baker

Tim Baker was living the dream. A beautiful family, a lifetime of exotic travel, and a beach-side home. But it all came toppling down when he received a surprise diagnosis: stage four, metastatic prostate cancer. Tim’s account is raw and vulnerable as it brings awareness to the disease that affects one in seven men in Australia.



Diana, William and Harry book cover.

Diana, William, and Harry by James Patterson

Twenty-five years after her tragic death, bestselling author James Patterson tells the story of Princess Diana’s life as a mother and global icon. The heartbreaking, true account shines a light on the strength of her love for her sons – a trait that remains an enduring inspiration for the entire world today.



Embrace Kids book cover.

Embrace Kids by Taryn Brumfitt and Zali Yager

Imagine a world where young people don’t feel held back by their bodies. That’s what Taryn Brumfitt and Dr Zali Yager set out to inspire in writing Embrace Kids, a body-positive handbook for parents, children, and teens. Coinciding with Brumfitt’s new documentary of the same name, the book helps parents understand their own journey and instil self-love in their children.



Smart, Stupid and Sixty book cover.

Smart, Stupid and Sixty by Nigel Marsh

From the bestselling author of Fat, Forty and Fired and TED talk speaker Nigel Marsh comes Smart, Stupid and Sixty. Chronicling Nigel’s own experience of turning sixty, the book offers both humour and poignancy in its observations on the ‘third trimester’ of life.



POWER book cover.

POWER by Kemi Nekvapil

Blending inspiring stories with author Kemi Nekvapil’s reflective coaching practices, POWER provides the tools to navigate challenges ranging from discrimination to self-doubt. Having grown up in foster care, Kemi was forced to learn to make her own choices and use her voice without apology. 



Mezcla book cover.

Mezcla by Ixta Belfrage

From the co-author of Ottolenghi FLAVOUR comes this fun, flavour-packed cookbook dedicated to everyday eating with special occasion energy. In Spanish, mezcla means mix and that’s exactly what these recipes do by reinventing ‘fusion’ flavours. The book includes several quick, flavourful recipes that are sure to become a staple in your cooking rotation.



The Scrap Iron Flotilla book cover.

The Scrap Iron Flotilla by Mike Carlton

When the British asked Australia for help at the outbreak of World War II, the government sent five destroyers to help bolster the British Royal Navy in the Mediterranean. The Nazis dismissed them as a load of scrap iron, but the destroyers played a pivotal role in escorting troop and supply convoys throughout the war.



Time Wise book cover.

Time Wise by Amantha Imber

Learn how to level up your life with advice from behavioural scientist and podcast host Amantha Imber. Drawing on the habits of the world’s most highly effective people, Time Wise is a toolkit of proven strategies that will help you improve your productivity in every sector of your life. Whether you’re a CEO or a university student, this research-backed guide will help you achieve more in less time.



His Name Is George Floyd book cover.

His Name is George Floyd by Robert Samuels and Toluse Olorunnipa

Written by two award-winning reporters, this book is the only definitive biography of George Floyd. By zooming in on the portrait of this one life, the authors deliver a powerful exploration of institutional racism and a public reckoning of unprecedented breadth and intensity.




Reckoning book cover.

Reckoning by David Hill

Reckoning is a heartbreaking account of the abuse that author David Hill and other Forgotten Children survived at the Fairbridge Farm School in New South Wales. Part memoir, part oral history, the book recounts the shocking systemic abuse of innocent children. The book catalysed a battle for justice, which resulted in the Fairbridge kids being awarded a record $24 million in compensation by the NSW Supreme Court. 



How Civil Wars Start book cover.

How Civil Wars Start by Barbara F. Walter

Most of us don’t know it, but we are living in the world’s greatest era of civil wars. Since 1946, over 250 armed conflicts have broken out around the world, and that number continues to rise today. How Civil Wars Start outlines why they happen and how to avoid them in the hopes of providing a path back toward peace.



How to Prevent the Next Pandemic book cover.

How to Prevent the Next Pandemic by Bill Gates

In 2014, Bill Gates gave a now-famous TED talk that warned of the arrival of pandemics in the near future – a prediction that was recently proven correct with the outbreak of COVID-19. Drawing on his studies of pandemics and firsthand experience with the Gates Foundation, the book outlines what we can all do to help prevent another pandemic.



The Palace Papers book cover.

The Palace Papers by Tina Brown

Bestselling author Tina Brown provides an explosive insider look at the Royal Family over the last twenty years. Based on unprecedented sources and research, the book takes readers behind palace walls to tell the real story of the Windsors since the death of Diana.




Coming Soon


Not Now, Not Ever book cover.

Not Now, Not Ever by Julia Gillard  

Ten years on from Julia Gillard’s famous misogyny speechNot Now, Not Ever explores the history and culture of misogyny and gender in the media and politics. With contributions from several experts and artists, the book explores a roadmap for the future with next-generation feminists Sally Scales, Chanel Contos and Caitlin Figueiredo. Out 5 October 2022.



Bryce Courtenay: Storyteller book cover.

Bryce Courtenay: Storyteller by Christine Courtenay

Told by the late Bryce Courtenay’s wife, Christine Courtenay, this long-awaited memoir of the Australian author reads like one of his epic fictions. With a look back at Courtenay’s personal story, the book chronicles his 34-year career in advertising and the bestselling writing that followed it. Out 1 November 2022.



Investing With She's on the Money book cover.

Investing with She’s on the Money by Victoria Devine 

From the podcaster and bestselling author of She’s on the Money, Victoria Devine comes this guide to building wealth through investing. Covering topics like superannuation, the stock market, and property investment, the book sets out to provide women with the guidance and education to build future wealth in no time. Out 20 September 2022.



The Light We Carry book cover.

The Light We Carry by Michelle Obama

The Light We Carry is a powerful, insightful follow-up to Michelle Obama’s bestselling memoir Becoming. Opening a frank dialogue with readers, Michelle considers the questions that many of us grapple with in everyday life. With the same humour and compassion that made Becoming a bestseller, this book shares the habits she has developed to overcome obstacles. Out 16 November 2022.



Logan Martin book cover.

Logan Martin: Journey to Gold by Logan Martin

In Logan Martin: Journey to Gold, the Olympic gold medallist and X-Games champion shares his inspiring journey to the top of the BMX freestyle podium. This testament to his dedication and self-discipline provides a peek into Logan’s life – from his smooth confidence to attention-grabbing tattoos. Out 18 October 2022.



Fifteen Seconds of Brave book cover.

Fifteen Seconds of Brave by Melissa Doyle

In this intimate and insightful book, award-winning journalist Melissa Doyle shares the stories of the most resilient people she has met throughout her 25-year-long career. Calling on her years of reporting from the front lines of triumph and tragedy, Melissa lays out the hard-won wisdom that the survivors she’d met shared with her throughout her career. Out 1 November 2022.



Want more non-fiction? Check out this book list featuring non-fiction must-reads of 2022.

Featured Titles

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?
A positive, practical handbook for better mental health from clinical psychologist and multi-million-follower TikTok sensation, Dr Julie Smith
Read more
Patting the Shark
A surfer’s journey learning to live well with cancer
Read more
Diana, William and Harry
Twenty-five years after her tragic death, James Patterson tells the heartbreaking true story of Princess Diana's life as a mother and a global icon.
Read more
Embrace Kids
The essential body image handbook for parents of children and teens by powerhouse change-maker and body positivity activist Taryn Brumfitt and Dr Zali Yager.
Read more
Smart, Stupid and Sixty
From the bestselling author of Fat, Forty and Fired comes this humorous, thought-provoking, poignant and life-affirming account of turning sixty.
Read more
‘This book is a miraculous event.’ – Elizabeth Gilbert, from the foreword A transformative path for women to reclaim their power in a world all too eager to strip it away
Read more
Reinventing 'fusion' flavours with fun, flavour-packed recipes to cook for yourself and others, from the co-author of bestselling Ottolenghi FLAVOUR. For fans of Alison Roman, Nigella Lawson and Anna Jones.
Read more
The Scrap Iron Flotilla
Winner of the 2022 Commodore Sam Bateman Book Prize, awarded annually by the Australian Naval Institute to recognise excellence in books making a major contribution to naval and maritime matters
Read more
Time Wise
The instant bestseller from the behavioural scientist behind the #1 ranking Australian business podcast How I Work.
Read more
His Name Is George Floyd
Written with unprecedented access, this is the only and definitive biography of George Floyd.
Read more
The story of how David Hill and the other Forgotten Children took on the institutions that tried to break them - and won.
Read more
How Civil Wars Start
Civil wars are the biggest danger to world peace today - this book by an expert professor shows us why they happen, and how to avoid them
Read more
How to Prevent the Next Pandemic
A clarion call from one of our greatest and most effective thinkers and activists
Read more
The Palace Papers
The explosive inside story of the Royal Family over the last twenty years from Diana to now, from the bestselling author of The Diana Chronicles
Read more
Not Now, Not Ever
Ten years on from the speech that stopped us all in our tracks – Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech. Where were you then? And where are we now?
Read more
Bryce Courtenay: Storyteller
The long-awaited memoir of the late Bryce Courtenay – Australia’s bestselling author – as told by his wife, Christine Courtenay.
Read more
Investing with She’s on the Money
The ultimate millennial investment guide from the award-winning, number one bestselling author of She’s on the Money Finalist: Best Personal Finance & Investment Book of the Year at the 2023 Business Book Awards
Read more
Logan Martin
Olympic gold medalist, X-Games legend and world champion Logan Martin shares his inspiring journey to the top of the BMX freestyle podium – the art of flight and the lessons of gravity, the pursuit of perfection and the pull of family, the sacrifices required and the simple joys of a backyard session.
Read more
Fifteen Seconds of Brave
In your darkest hour, can you still find hope?
Read more

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