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Article  •  17 June 2024


Sherri Crichton shares the backstory of Eruption's collaboration

Sherri Crichton, wife of the late Michael Crichton, explains in this letter how the unfinished manuscript of Eruption came to be completed by James Patterson.


'The Black Zone, Michael’s working title, was based on subject matter that captivated him for many years. Michael rarely spoke of his ideas or projects, not even to his family or closest friends; however, he frequently spoke of his volcano project, and when we were traveling through Italy, we made a special excursion to Pompeii so that he could further research the story he set in Hawai‘i. After Michael passed, I came across the unfinished partial manuscript in the archive, and I couldn’t believe how he’d brought the story together in his inimitable way. Unearthing this treasure inspired an intensive research project that involved scouring his multiple hard drives and papers, finding all relevant material.

Though Michael was meticulous in his research and organization, cross-referencing and updating his files across numerous locations was no small feat. What this work unveiled, however, was remarkable: his story was brilliantly laid out. He had extensive volumes of scientific research, notes, and outlines — even video footage of himself on location conducting interviews with a volcanologist. How exciting! What Michael created needed someone of his brilliance to complete. For years, I considered possible collaborators, holding off for that perfect partner to come into view. I would simply wait patiently for someone who could honor my husband’s work and continue his story.

Then I was introduced to James Patterson.

Jim, you have been the perfect partner.

I am forever grateful.'

- Sherri Crichton

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Combining the talents of two of our greatest storytellers, James Patterson and Michael Crichton present an engrossing event thriller about a volcanic eruption in Hawaii.
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