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Article  •  14 December 2022


6 inspiring women share the best New Year’s resolutions they ever made

Learn about the best New Year's resolutions to inspire your own goals for 2023.

2023 is here, and if you haven't thought of a New Year's resolution, now is the time!

It can seem like a big commitment – choosing one thing to focus on for an entire year – so it’s totally acceptable if you feel yourself floundering at the idea. To help us all, we tapped some seriously inspiring women with the hopes of gleaning some insight from their wisdom.

Keep reading to find out about the best resolutions they’ve ever set to inspire your own this year.

The best New Year’s Resolutions of inspirational women


Antoinette Lattouf

This at first glance may appear counter-intuitive, but my best resolution was to not make one. I’m a very goal-oriented person, I get immense joy from ticking off a to-do list and making plans. Yep, I’m clearly a fun and relaxed person! therefore, have to work hard to make sure I don’t work too hard. 


Kemi Nekvapil

The best new year resolution I ever made was to create a week-long home retreat at the start of January. My husband and children go away for the week and I do a juice cleanse, write, practice yoga, walk and dream of the year ahead.”


Amantha Imber

I stopped setting New Year's resolutions several years ago because I tend to take stock of my life once a quarter and reflect on what changes I want to make. For me, goal-setting (such as setting new year's resolutions) is broken, because until you hit your goal state, you’re inherently failing - which is pretty demotivating. Instead, I try to set systems that will help me achieve what I am aiming for.


Kirstin Ferguson

The best New Year’s Resolution I made was a few years ago when my husband and I decided it would be the year we would move from our inner-city home where we had lived for twenty years, to move to a regional centre and live on the beach. We have never looked back and love every minute of our beach life.


Holly Ransom

Nearly 80% of people admitted to abandoning their New Year’s resolutions by February every year, (Forbes 2021), while (depending on which study you read) between 30-40% of our daily activity is estimated to be habitual. . . Ultimately, when New Year's Resolutions fail, it makes us feel worse than if had we not made a resolution to begin with. Instead, I would love to see us write our goals down, tell a trusted friend about them, and build daily repeatable habits that culminate in the achievement of that goal.


 Victoria Devine

My goal for 2023 is my best one yet: to not set unrealistic expectations and ensure to have boundaries set. Also, to make sure there are ongoing consistent small changes rather than expecting a big change all at once, otherwise, it can be way too overwhelming. 


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