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Article  •  3 January 2020


Australia’s top 10 books for kids in 2019

Australia has spoken! We’ve rounded up the most-purchased Penguin titles of 2019 for children and teens.

This year, kids of all ages dove into reading. While a few international titles were wildly popular, including the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid, Where’s Spot?, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Wonder and Where the Wild Things Are; some of your favourite books made by Aussie authors for Aussie kids included . . .


Bluey Books 2019

  1. Bluey

The launch of Bluey books Bluey: The Beach, Bluey: Fruit Bat and Bluey: Time to Play rocked many pre-schooler’s worlds in November, just in time for Christmas. The Heeler family was in the spotlight in 2019 for becoming ABC iView’s most downloaded series of all time, winning Most Outstanding Children’s Program at the Logies, winning the AACTA Award for Best Children’s Program and character Bandit Heeler being crowned Father of the Year.


Where is the Green Sheep Book 2019

  1. Where is the Green Sheep?Mem Fox and Judy Horacek

Australian author Mem Fox has written countless children’s books which are beloved classics in households and classrooms across the country. Where is the Green Sheep? was her most popular story in 2019 and it was exciting to see the book featured on Play School, read by Hamish Blake. The book box set was also very popular and includes a plush green sheep to hold while you read the story. Adorable!


Ten Little Fingers Ten Little Toes 2019

  1. Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes - Mem Fox and Helen Oxenbury

Mem Fox takes bronze as well with Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, a rhyming story about babies born all over the world – although they have very different climates and cultures, all of them have the same tiny hands and feet. This book celebrates diversity and has clearly stood the test of time as it was first published in 2008.


ADHD Georgia Productions 2019

  1. The Amazingly Disorganised Help DictionaryGeorgia Productions

Teenagers love YouTube, so what could be better than a fantastic advice book by Aussie YouTube sensation Georgia Productions? Georgia shares her hot tips, activities, relatable lists, stories of her life, information about how she got started on YouTube, funny tales and more!


Kissed by the Moon 2019

  1. Kissed By the MoonAlison Lester

Taking out number five is another classic kids book, Kissed by the Moon. Released in 2013, this story is a gorgeous lullaby about a parent’s love for their child and is a favourite gift for baby showers and first birthdays across Australia. Also available is a Kissed by the Moon: Book and Snuggle Blanket Box Set, so you can snuggle with blankie together while reading a story about love. Gorgeous!


No One Likes a Fart 2019

  1. No One Likes a FartZoë Foster Blake and Adam Nickel

Australia’s most loveable entrepreneur Zoë Foster Blake - novelist, columnist and founder of Go-To skin care - released her first picture book No One Likes a Fart in 2017. It is the perfect read for kids (and grown-ups) who love a good fart joke and won the ABIA Picture Book of the Year in 2018. As of October 2019, you now have the option to purchase No One Likes a Fart as a boxed set which includes the hardback book and a plush toy in the shape of . . . yes, a smiling fart.


Once 2019

  1. OnceMorris Gleitzman

Morris Gleitzman spent his 2019 as the Australian Children’s Laureate, advocating for improved literacy and developing a love of reading for the children of Australia. Though he has written countless funny books for kids, the Once series that follows Felix and his friends through World War II is by far his most popular story. The final book of the series, Always is expected to be released in winter 2020.


The Tiny Star 2019

  1. The Tiny StarMem Fox and Freya Blackwood

Mem Fox’s third title in Penguin Random House’s top ten! The Tiny Star follows the life cycle of a special person who lands as a fallen star to the earth, grows up loved by all and giving love too, then returns to the heavens as a star. Inspired by the experience of becoming a grandparent for the first time, Mem Fox released this book in October 2019 and it was an instant bestseller.


All Through the Year 2019

  1. All Through the YearJane Godwin and Anna Walker

Experience the cycle of seasons in Australia as a little girl and her family open their window onto each month of the year. Published in 2010, All Through the Year has been a stand out favourite of this decade.


Kensy and Max series 2019

  1. Kensy and Max seriesJacqueline Harvey

Who doesn’t love a good spy story? Kensy and Max are 11 year old twins who become secret agents when they wake up one day to discover their parents are missing! A great read for both boys and girls, the action-packed adventures of Kensy and Max will keep you on your toes. Keep an eye out for the fifth book of the series, Kensy and Max: Freefall coming out in March 2020.

Featured Titles

Bluey: Fruit Bat
Based on the hit ABC KIDS TV show!
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Bluey: Time to Play!
Based on the hit ABC KIDS TV show!
Read more
Where is The Green Sheep?
THE MILLION COPY BESTSELLER WINNER OF THE CBCA BOOK OF THE YEAR EARLY CHILDHOOD Mem Fox and Judy Horacek take you on a wildly wonderful adventure in their rollicking search for the green sheep in this Australian classic.
Read more
Where is the Green Sheep? Hardback book and plush toy boxed set
THE MILLION COPY BESTSELLER WINNER OF THE CBCA BOOK OF THE YEAR: EARLY CHILDHOOD The all-time favourite, best-selling read-aloud picture book in a gorgeous limited edition gift set with soft and cuddly plush sheep.
Read more
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

As everyone knows, nothing is sweeter than tiny baby fingers and chubby baby toes . . . A delightful Australian classic that will have children begging to hear it again and again.

Read more
The Amazingly Disorganised Help Dictionary
Do you ever feel like your head’s the most random place, like you’ll be listening in class and then whoosh! suddenly you’re thinking about dogs, or monobrows or that time you tried to catch a fish with your bare hands? Okay that could just be my head! But maybe it’s yours too . . .
Read more
Kissed by the Moon
From Australia's favourite picture-book creator Alison Lester comes a timeless book to share and to treasure.
Read more
Kissed by the Moon: Book and Snuggle Blanket Box Set
A beautiful board book and snuggly blanket gift set of beloved Australian Children’s Laureate Alison Lester’s timeless classic, Kissed by the Moon – the perfect gift for a new baby.
Read more
No One Likes a Fart



A sweet, funny story about accepting yourself and finding a friend who loves you just the way you are. Mostly, though, it's about a fart. And fart jokes. Loooots of fart jokes.

Read more
No One Likes a Fart hardback book and plush toy box set
Everyone's favourite read-aloud picture book is now available in a limited-edition gift set, including a soft and cuddly plush toy fart.
Read more

The gripping first instalment in Morris Gleitzman's multi-award-winning Felix series, followed by Then, After, Soon, Maybe, Now and Always.

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The Tiny Star

A beautiful and charming story about the journey of life by bestselling author Mem Fox. Illustrated by the talented Freya Blackwood.

Read more
All Through the Year

A tender, heartwarming journey through the enchanting Australian year, this delightful tale celebrates the magic of each month, the changing seasons, and cherished holidays through the eyes of one loving family.

Read more
Kensy and Max 1: Breaking News
Introducing Kensy and Max – an action-packed spy-adventure series for girls and boys from bestselling author Jacqueline Harvey!
Read more
Kensy and Max 2: Disappearing Act
What if you knew your missing parents were alive, but you couldn’t tell anyone? How would you find them and who would you trust?
Read more
Kensy and Max 3: Undercover
How do you keep your head in the game when someone wants you gone? When those dearest to you are far away and the future is so uncertain . . .
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Kensy and Max 4: Out of Sight
When does a secret become a lie? And how do you tell right from wrong when deception is all around you?
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