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Article  •  3 July 2024


Fart and Burp are the perfect Book Week costumes for 2024

Get Book Week-ready with Zoë Foster Blake's beloved Fart and Burp characters.

Book Week is almost here, and that means it’s the perfect time to dress up like a fart or burp!

Whoosh! Weeeee! In no time at all, you’ll be zooming around school saving people from bullies and other trouble with our smelly friends, Fart and Burp. Wear all-brown or all-purple and put on a blue or red cape! Go all out by making something puffy, or putting a face on it, like these legends featured on Zoë Foster Blake’s Instagram.

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To take your costume to the next level, add a book to your costume – perfect for entertaining classmates all day long.

Zoë Foster Blake Fart and Burp books

Happy Farter’s Day! Zoë Foster Blake, Adam Nickel

Why do Dad and Fart love Father’s Day?

Because it’s the one day they can have a real ‘blast’ of a time!

Share this whiffy book of dad and fart jokes with your very own farter on their special day.

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Fart's Favourite Smells Zoë Foster Blake

The beloved Fart character returns in Fart’s Favourite Smells. This lift-the-flap book follows Fart as he attempts to find his favourite smells. Excited to see the world, he’ll be hunting down some of the best (stinky) smells.

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Fart and Burp are Superstinkers Zoë Foster Blake, Adam Nickel

Fart and his new friend Burp are off on an adventure to use their bad pongs for good. They couldn’t be happier than wafting around, but sometimes he wishes people wouldn’t say YUCK, GROSS and PEE-YEW when they fly by. Will they be able to prove that being smelly can be a force for good?

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No One Likes a Fart hardback book and plush toy box set Zoë Foster Blake, Adam Nickel

Mega Fart fans will adore this cute Fart plush and book set. Not only will this soft, cuddly toy make the perfect Book Week companion, but both the book and toy will be a treasured part of your little one’s bedtime routine. Looooots of fart jokes included!

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No One Likes a Fart Zoë Foster Blake, Adam Nickel

The original, the one-and-only No One Likes a Fart is the first of the Fart books and is still just as beloved as ever. Kids and adults alike will laugh out loud at Fart’s story which proves that everyone can find their place in this world. Even a yucky, gross fart!  

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