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Do you ever feel like your head’s the most random place, like you’ll be listening in class and then whoosh! suddenly you’re thinking about dogs, or monobrows or that time you tried to catch a fish with your bare hands? Okay that could just be my head! But maybe it’s yours too . . .

The Amazingly Disorganised Help Dictionary is a scrapbook of my brain; how I use my lack of concentration and hyperactivity to be creative, to come up with ideas and to NEVER GIVE UP. It contains random and relatable lists, hot tips, advice, activities, stories from my past, info about how I got started on YouTube, lots of LOLs and so much more!

Hopefully this book will make you laugh, but also help you to see that everyone’s brain works differently and that your so-called weaknesses can really be gifts.

See ya later, potata!

DISCLAIMER: This book is NOT actually a dictionary but it’s most definitely amazingly disorganised.


The Amazingly Disorganised Help Dictionary moves at a fast pace and from idea to idea, so there is no opportunity to get bored. It’s funny, very engaging, and filled with lots of photos of Georgia, friends and family. Uplifting and inspiring, Georgia’s book also shows what teens might consider to be a weakness – that they may not be happy to put on YouTube or Instagram – can often be turned into an asset.

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  • Paperback


    October 29, 2018


    176 pages

    RRP $19.99

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