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Article  •  28 September 2023


How to host a Ranger's Apprentice book club

Learn how to host your own Ranger's Apprentice book club complete with snacks, costumes and more.

Calling all Araluens: It’s time to pack your kit, gather your bows, and mount your trusty steed for a ride to your nearest Ranger’s Apprentice book club.

Whether you decide to play host or hold your book club at a gathering place (we highly recommend a wooded park for the atmosphere), getting a group together to enjoy the Ranger’s Apprentice books is a special way to bond with fellow fans of the series.

Read on for ideas about how to host your own Ranger’s Apprentice book club while you wait for the next book!

How to host a Ranger's Apprentice book club

The food

You can’t have a fabulous book club without fabulous snacks to accompany it. Luckily, there are plenty of Ranger-themed bites you can bring along.

If you want to go all-out, try your hand at baking Jenny’s famous mince pies. Want to keep it simple? Pack a lunch fit for Will Treaty including apples, cheese, bread and meat.

To wash it all down, make some honey coffee for a true Rangers experience.  

Make the recipes: 

Overhead shot of mince pies on a plate with pine needles, pine cones and red apples in the background to create a festive feel.

Jenny's mince pies


Angled view of a mug of black coffee on a wooden table.

Honey coffee


Ranger's Apprentice-inspired lunch

The garb

Costumes make everything more fun, so why not dress up as your favourite Ranger’s Apprentice character for your book club event?

This guide will teach you how to create a Will, Halt or Alyss costume so that you can emulate your favourite character.

Alternatively, you can also make your own Ranger’s Apprentice cloak – perfect for picturing yourself in Araluen.

Make the costumes: 

Photo of bows in a sling.

Will, Halt and Alyss


A woman wearing a cloak looking at a tree as light pours through the branches.

DIY cloak

The books

With your book club, select a specific Ranger’s Apprentice book to discuss on the day of your gathering. Before the event, everyone should re-read the book (or read it for the first time) so that it’s fresh in their minds for discussion.

If you’re having trouble selecting which book to start with, preview the beginning of a few options to see which one interests you most.

'Ranger's Apprentice 1' book cover.

Ranger’s Apprentice 1


'Ranger's Apprentice book 2' cover.

Ranger’s Apprentice 2


'Ranger's Apprentice 3' book cover.

Ranger's Apprentice 3

Of course, there are many more to choose from – but starting near the beginning of the series will allow newcomers to the Ranger’s Apprentice world to catch up.

The entertainment

Keep the discussion going by having some entertainment prepared. Despite being crafted for the classroom, these Ranger’s Apprentice Teachers’ Notes will give you some interesting conversation points to start with.

You can also check out profiles of the different Ranger’s Apprentice horses and take quizzes to figure out which character you’re most like and which occupation you’d have in the world of Ranger’s Apprentice.

Check out the resources: 


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