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Article  •  21 February 2023


Meet the horses from the Ranger’s Apprentice series

Get details on the most prominent Ranger horses from Ranger's Apprentice.

One of the many things that make the Ranger’s Apprentice series so amazing is how well-written the characters are. And it’s not just the human characters either!

In addition to Will, Halt and everyone else who brings the books to life, so too do the animals.

In particular, Ranger horses hold a special place in the heart of readers. More skilled than average horses, these special steeds know exactly how to help their masters when it matters most.

These profiles give details on some of the most prominent Ranger horses in the series. Which one is your favourite?


Ranger horse profiles


  • Coat: Dapple grey
  • Nationality: Araluen
  • Code: ‘Permettez moi’
  • Stature: Barrel-like body
  • Skills: Stamina, intelligence
  • Trainer: Bob Saddler, Saddler’s farm
  • Owner: Halt O’Carrick


Tug (Bellerophon)

  • Coat: Grey
  • Nationality: Araluen
  • Code: ‘Do you mind?’
  • Stature: Small and stocky
  • Skills: Speed over long distances, clever
  • Trainer: Bob Saddler, Saddler’s Farm      
  • Owner: Will Treaty



  • Coat: Bay
  • Nationality: Araluen
  • Code: ‘Brown eyes’
  • Stature: Tall
  • Skills: Playful and attentive
  • Trainer: Bob Saddler, Saddler’s Farm      
  • Owner: Gilan Davidson




  • Coat: Black and white piebald
  • Nationality: Araluen
  • Code: ‘Don’t break me.’
  • Stature: Stocky and barrel-chested with short legs
  • Skills: Strong (but occasionally clumsy)
  • Trainer: Bob Saddler II, Saddler’s Farm  
  • Owner: Madelyn Altman


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