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Article  •  25 January 2023


QUIZ: Which occupation would you have in the Ranger’s Apprentice world?

Find out whether you’d be a knight, Ranger, diplomat or chef.

Picture this: you’re a ward at Redmont castle who has just turned fifteen.

Today is Choosing Day – the biggest day of your life. In the Choosing, your future will be laid out for you. Becoming an apprentice is the first step towards the rest of your life, and it's about to be decided for you, whether you're ready or not. 

As you walk into Baron Arald’s office, you can’t help but be nervous. Your entire future is about to be decided! Entering the room, you see four Craftmasters. Sir Rodney, head of the Battleschool is there in standard battledress. Halt, the mysterious ranger with the deep gaze has just snuck into the room wearing a long, mottled cloak. Nigel, the Scribemaster stands with aplomb, ready to find the next great debater to join his ranks. Master Chubb is also there, wooden ladle in hand as if he had been cooking a stew before being summoned to the Choosing. It’s all such a spectacle, and you can’t help but be nervous.

Despite your worries, an excitement bubbles under the surface . . . Who will you end up with? Who will you be?  


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