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Article  •  11 October 2022


3 easy Ranger’s Apprentice Halloween costume ideas

How to dress up as Will, Halt or Alyss this Halloween.

Halloween is just around the corner, making it the perfect time to dress up as one of your favourite Ranger’s Apprentice characters.

Whether you want to dress up as Will, Halt, or Alyss, we've got you covered! 

See our tips for re-creating your favourite character’s look.

Ranger's Apprentice costume ideas

Will Treaty

Of course, one of the best Ranger’s Apprentice-inspired costumes you can choose is Will Treaty. If you want to dress up like this iconic ranger, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Ranger’s cloak: Find out how to make your own here.
  • Tunic: An oversized v-neck t-shirt works perfectly.
  • Pants: Choose a neutral colour to match the Ranger aesthetic.
  • Bow and quiver of arrows: You can make these out of branches, twine and a mailing tube by following the instructions on this blog.
  • Oak leaf pendant: You can either find an oak leaf charm online or make your own from cardboard or paper. Will’s oak leaf is bronze, so use bronze paint to complete the look.
  • Knife belt: Rangers are known to carry two knives, a Saxe knife and a throwing knife. Make your own from cardboard or paper, then create sheaths from brown cardboard paper. Using brown-coloured duct tape, secure the sheaths to a brown belt to be worn at the waist, over your tunic.
  • Arm guards: Rangers need to wear a leather cuff around their forearms to protect them from the strings of their bows. Make your own by following these instructions, or for an easy version, simply cut it out from black paper and secure it with tape.
  • Brown curly wig: If you want to look like Will, add a brown, curly wig to finish off the look.


Halt O’Carrick

One of the most iconic Rangers in the series, Halt’s character makes a great Halloween costume. If you love his sarcastic sense of humour and want to emulate Halt, here is what you will need:

  • For Halt’s costume, copy each component of the Will Treaty costume above, except the wig and bronze oak pendant. 
  • Instead of a bronze oak leaf pendant, Halt wears a silver one. 
  • Grey wig: If you’re planning to dress up as Halt, you will need a grey-coloured wig. For extra accuracy, roughly cut the wig into a choppy hairstyle like Halt’s.


Alyss Mainwaring

If you’re hoping for a beautiful, elegant costume then you should dress up as Alyss. In a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to a spot in the Diplomatic Corps as well. You’ll need:

  • White gown: Wear a long, white gown or make your own toga-style dress from a white sheet.
  • Boots: John Flanagan has said that couriers would wear calf-high boots, suitable for riding. Choose a pair that is comfy to walk in to channel your inner courier.
  • Bronze, silver or gold pin: Couriers wear a laurel branch pin, but any pin you have will work. Bonus points if you make a laurel branch pin from cardboard or pipe cleaners.
  • Blue cape: Use a blue piece of fabric to make a blue cape. Fasten it with your pin, and you’re ready to go!
  • Blonde wig: If you really want to look like Alyss, find a blonde, shoulder-length wig to complete your look.


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