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Article  •  15 February 2023


What readers are saying about SPARE

Hint: everyone loves the audiobook!

There has been so much buzz about Prince Harry’s new memoir, SPARE. But what are readers really saying?

So far, there has been plenty of kind words about the book, with readers especially loving the audiobook which is narrated by Prince Harry himself.

Read on to see reviews from real readers, posted on Instagram, Goodreads, Amazon and Audible.

Reader Reviews for SPARE


From what we saw on Instagram, readers were glad to get their hands on SPARE. Plenty of reviewers mentioned the media hype surrounding the book, and one bookstore even posted at 12:26 on release day to share that they had already run out.

  • I don’t give biographies ratings but if I did, this would get infinite stars. I really enjoyed this. I won’t say too much because I feel like you’ll either read it and love it or you’re just not interested in it. Which is completely fine. There was just so much to unpack and I truly want to listen to it again. Hearing it from Harry himself reading his own words. Ahh. – @booktok.reviews
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 . . . I highly recommend the audiobook, which is narrated by Harry himself - the words have a deeper impact when you literally get to hear him say them. Don’t just read the headlines & skim the newspaper articles - experience this book for yourself, context and all. – @justmevictoria_
  • It’s 12:26pm and we have already sold out! – @collinscottesloe
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  • I really enjoyed this on audio!! Over 15 hours in length, it's a big time commitment but listening to Harry share his story in his own words is totally worth it in my opinion!! – Shannon
  • In one of his interviews Harry expressed that one of his goals in sharing some of the details he shared was to remind people that “you are not alone.” Talking about all of this helps reduce stigma on so many levels.There are some funny slightly awkward stories he included that made me laugh and I loved that because we see that playful nerdy side of Harry in his interviews as well.There will always be critics but I enjoyed reading Spare. – Lauren
  • As soon as I was able I picked up a copy and started reading—albeit too late at night to get more than the introduction read. It's very well written, the story so far is more than just interesting, it's compelling, and I can't wait to get deeper into the book as soon as I can make the time. I'm impressed, and that's not easy to do. – Greg Wormald


  • I don’t really read these kinds of books. I’m addicted to sci-fi and historical romance and intake most of my gossip/nonfiction news from social media mediums and independent research (Tik Tok and Twitter). I don’t think I’ve ever read a biography, autobiography, or memoir outside of an educational setting. . .BUT, this piece took my breath away. I read it in one night and went through so many emotions. I had to put it down multiple times to laugh, cry, and self-reflect. Well done to Harry taking the hard step to be vulnerable to the world in his own way and taking control of his narrative. . . I recommend anyone supporter or not, British or American, read this book first and form your own opinions. Clear your mind of the bias from what you know of Harry from the press and media and read it about a story of a boy growing into a man. It’s really quite good when you look past your own biases. – Kailyn
  • I'm not exactly sure why I decided to read SPARE. I guess I've always rooted for the boys to be happy, especially since they lost their mom at such a young age. . . this was simply a really good story of someone who I never thought I'd be that interested in! It's a fascinating look at the Royal Family, but also at a family hemmed in by expectations and tradition, long-held grievances and incredible dysfunction. Flawed humans, just like the rest of us—minus the castles! – Barbara D
  • Raw and honest account of his life since the passing of his mother. It is VERY detailed. I chose the audible version, narrated by Harry himself. I think you get a much better sense of the tone of his life with him narrating. . . A book like this is not meant to entertain or be judged based on quality of storytelling, it is about a man's life, the good, bad and ugly.  – Rafael Santiago


Across all platforms, readers who listened to the audiobook loved hearing Harry tell his own story. In addition to getting the tone right, readers seemed to agree that Harry is a fun and insightful narrator.

  • Having Harry read it for himself, you can hear the authenticity. I don’t imagine his father, brother, and the rest of his family will take anywhere as much offence as the media wants us to believe. . . This book will go down in history as a rare account of setting the record straight, narrated by the Prince himself. – Josabrim
  • I didn't know what to expect but wanted to hear Prince Harry's story from him. Not only is it a fascinating insight into someone we have all watched from afar, he is genuinely entertaining telling his story. I have laughed out loud a number of times, and also have felt so sad for that little boy growing up without his mum. I hope people listen to this with an open mind. – Anonymous User

Convinced to check it out for yourself? Learn more here.  

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The extraordinary and unflinching memoir from Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex.
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