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Article  •  1 March 2023


QUIZ: Which book should you read on the train?

The first step to reading on the train is deciding what to read. Find out which book you should pick up by taking this fun quiz.

Tired of mindless scrolling while on your commute? Luckily, there’s a tried-and-tested alternative that’s been around since long before smartphones were invented. We’re talking about books, of course!

While it’s easy to say we want to read more on the train or bus, a major roadblock – so to speak – lies in the actual choice of which book to commit to.

Fear not, this handy quiz will sort you out. Answer each question truthfully to figure out which book should be your next train read. As a bonus, we’ve specifically chosen books that will help you feel more inspired and empowered by the time you set foot in your office. Talk about a win/win.


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Featured Titles

Atomic Habits
A revolutionary guide to using tiny changes in behaviour to transform your life
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Dare to Lead
Research professor and TED talk phenomenon Dr Brené Brown reveals how to choose courage over comfort, so we can step up, make a difference and dare to lead.
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Think Again
Bestselling author, smart thinking guru and TED podcast star, Adam Grant returns with a compelling guide to changing your mind
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Never Split the Difference
The definitive playbook for any negotiation situation, by the FBI's former lead hostage negotiator.
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