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Article  •  19 September 2022


7 fun facts about Gabor Maté

Learn about Gabor Maté and his new book, The Myth of Normal.

Gabor Maté is a retired physician with four years of clinical experience. Now famous for his writing and public speaking, Gabor writes about everything from parenting to attention deficit disorder. His new book, The Myth of Normal draws on over a decade of work with patients facing addiction and mental illness.

By exploring the relationship between societal pressures and personal suffering, Gabor exposes the ways that health systems neglect patients – particularly when it comes to trauma. By exploring the ways that our modern-day life impacts our personal wellbeing, he uncovers a pathway to health and healing.

His books have inspired readers worldwide, and The Myth of Normal certainly will too. Whether you are already a fan or just curious to learn more, we did some digging to uncover some fun facts about the author and his new book.

7 facts about Gabor Maté and The Myth of Normal

  1. He has written six books, which have been published in over thirty languages.
  2. He has been awarded the Order of Canada for his medical work and writing.
  3. He developed the therapeutic approach, Compassionate Inquiry, a ‘trauma-informed psychotherapeutic approach to add on to an already existing clinical and mental health practice’.
  4. His latest book, The Myth of Normal, was co-written with his son Daniel.
  5. He has said in an interview with The Tyee that The Myth of Normal came at the perfect time because after COVID, ‘so many people are getting that what was [considered to be] normal, doesn’t work anymore.’
  6. He was born in Budapest in 1944 but emigrated to Vancouver with his family in 1956.
  7. He has experienced trauma and addiction in his own life and believes that sharing his story is a powerful way to communicate his beliefs on these topics.


Interested? Learn more about The Myth of Normal here.

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