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Article  •  22 August 2022


9 fun facts about bestselling author Hugh van Cuylenburg

Get to know Hugh van Cuylenburg, bestselling author of The Resilience Project and Let Go.

Life isn’t always easy – but finding happiness is less about the things life throws your way, and more about the tools you put in place to deal with them.

Nobody knows this better than Hugh van Cuylenburg, the bestselling author who has dedicated his career to what he believes are the three ingredients to happiness: gratitude, empathy, and mindfulness.

His books The Resilience Project and Let Go have impacted readers around Australia and beyond. By arming people with the skills they need to improve their well-being, the books are helpful guides for learning to live – and feel – better in this crazy world. Written in a friendly, down-to-earth manner, the books are widely approachable to all audiences.

But what about the man behind the books? As you might guess, Hugh is just as inspiring in real life as he is on the page. Read on to learn more about the author and his mission.

Hugh van Cuylenburg fun facts

  1. Hugh has worked in education for more than 17 years, giving motivational talks at schools across Australia. He has also worked with educators to develop a curriculum promoting well-being in children and teens.
  2. When he was 28, Hugh spent several months in the northern India volunteering at a school in the Himalayas. Despite the harsh living conditions, the people there seemed so happy. Noticing this, Hugh was inspired to develop well-being strategies to help teach Australians how to become happier.
  3. He has openly spoken about his struggles during the pandemic, admitting on national radio that he felt ‘utterly broken’. Despite being an inspiration, he nevertheless ‘felt pressure to be OK.’ We can all relate, and this realisation helped Hugh move forward and surrender to the reality of the situation.
  4. He created TRP@Home to help connect kids, teens, and adults with online resources that relate to the concepts outlined in The Resilience Project.
  5. He co-hosts a podcast, ‘The Imperfects’, with comedian Ryan Shelton and his brother Josh. With over 65 episodes, a nearly 5-star rating, and making the list of top 20 podcasts in Australia, it’s a much-loved exploration of struggles and what we can learn from them.
  6. Dr Martin Seligman is one of Hugh’s major inspirations. His work, which revolves around the concept of positive psychology, emphasises the practice of training the brain to be more optimistic.
  7. Hugh is constantly thinking up new ways to spread his message. In an interview with Blank Pages & Empty Spaceshe shared that he has been toying with the idea of a Netflix special.
  8. Since 2015, Hugh has been working with the National Rugby League, Australian Cricket team, the Australian Netball Team, the Australian Women’s Soccer Team, The Jillaroos and 10 AFL teams.  
  9. His book Let Go began as ‘an embarrassing laundry list’ of things that Hugh realised he was holding onto from his past. While he was initially scared to show this less-than-perfect side of himself, he knew that doing so would help others.  

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Check out The Resilience Project to discover the keys to happiness or Let Go to help you move on from your past.

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