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Article  •  11 September 2020


Penguin 2020 Secondary Catalogue

Browse the extensive list of books for high school students.

Download the Penguin 2020 Secondary Catalogue to discover a range of books for students of years 5–12 and their accompanying resources. From Boy Overboard to Any Ordinary Day, there's something for every type of reader.

We recommend using this digital version of the catalogue – type in CTRL+F to search for specific authors, titles, keywords or curriculum links. If you would prefer a paper copy of the Penguin 2020 Secondary Catalogue, please contact teachers@penguinrandomhouse.com.au

Order your favourite books from your local bookstore today.



Featured Titles

The Tell
Action, crime and intense family drama combine to create a powerful story in the vein of Two Wolves or a young Boy Swallows Universe.
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The 'riotous, insanely readable' new novel from the author of THE HANDMAID'S TALE
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How to Save the Whole Stinkin' Planet
Let's go on a journey it's going to be stinky, sticky and pretty gross, but if you want to be a waste warrior it's the most important journey you'll ever take.
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Saving the Whole Stinkin’ Planet is a family affair

Lee Constable talks World Environment Day and how saving the whole stinkin' planet can be a family affair.

Does your kid hate reading? Try these graphic novels for every age group

Graphic novels are the perfect way to get disinterested readers to pick up a book. Check out some of the best graphic novels for kids of all ages. 

Gilead games

From the pages of Margaret Atwood's The Testaments, a chilling children's game from beneath the shadow of the Wall.

On design: The Testaments

Suzanne Dean, Creative Director at Vintage, reveals how she went about working on the top secret brief for one of the world’s most anticipated books, The Testaments.

A letter to Uncle Jack

Bastardy documentary maker Amiel Courtin-Wilson pens a letter to his friend Uncle Jack Charles.

Online learning: Making Your Mark with The Tell

Humans have felt the need to describe the world around them since the very beginning of our existence.

Easy activities for kids at home

Keep the kids entertained with these fun book-related ideas. There's an activity book for every age: one for littlies, one for kids and one for grown-ups too!

Puffinalia for educators

Celebrating 80 years of Puffin!

New Margaret Atwood poetry collection

Coming this November, a landmark collection from one of contemporary literature’s biggest names. 

Book clubs
The Testaments book club notes

A riveting pick for your book club.

Book clubs
The Handmaid's Tale book club notes

Discover the dystopian novel that started a phenomenon.

Margaret Atwood Q&A

Margaret Atwood discusses her return to Gilead.

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