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Q&A  •  31 October 2022


Jane Dunn shares the best (and worst) cooking advice she's ever received

In honour of the Australian release of her latest book, Jane's Patisserie: Celebrate!, we caught up with Jane Dunn. Learn about her most-used ingredient, favourite food memory and more.

Which ingredient/s do you enjoy cooking with the most?

I won’t lie, it has to be chocolate – I am just obsessed! But when you balance that with fresh fruit like raspberry, it’s even better!

What is your ultimate comfort food?

By far the best thing for me is a bowl of super crispy roast potatoes – maybe drizzle with a deliciously rich gravy and oh my days YUM!! 

Which utensil do you use the most?

A spatula – one of my biggest hates is when too much cake mix is left in the bowl, so I scrape every last bit of it out of that bowl! 

If you could choose your last meal, what would it be?

At the moment, I am obsessed with all things pasta and I would LOVE that to be my last meal! 

What are five essential ingredients you always have on hand?

Butter, eggs, flour, sugar and CHOCOLATE!!! 

What is your most commonly used ingredient?

I would have to say in almost every bake is sugar – everything sweet is delicious! 

What is your favourite food memory?

Baking for my friend’s little girl’s first birthday is my most recent favourite – but generally, I love every memory with food – they’re all so delicious! 

What is the best way to elevate an ordinary meal?

This may sound like a weird answer, but do not overthink it – just have fun with whatever you are cooking and baking, and it’ll elevate it sky-high! 

What is the one life-changing cookery hack you were taught?

To weigh every single ingredient accurately – especially in baking – is SO important for the best and most delicious results! 

What is the best and the worst cooking advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice is to follow the recipe – I know it sounds obvious, but don’t wing everything as it may end in disaster! The worst advice I’ve received would be “oh it doesn’t matter if we leave that ingredient out… I’m sure it will be fine” – it’s never fine! 


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