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News  •  29 August 2022


Meet our Sustainability Officer

As part of our efforts to become a greener workplace, we've recently appointed our very own Penguin Random House Sustainability Officer. Keep reading to meet Jordan, find out what inspired her to take on this role, and learn about her favourite books.

I remember being ten years old and laying on the grass in a park next to my dad, watching the clouds above us as they moved, evolved and dissipated (he taught me the word that day). I immediately became fascinated with clouds and was inspired to try and understand the weather. By the time I was fourteen, I wanted to become a meteorologist, or a ‘weather girl’ as my friend used to call me. My high school and early university studies revolved around that goal, but it wasn’t until I left school that I realised we had a bigger, global issue ahead.

When I began working fast fashion, I saw firsthand how damaging businesses can be to the environment. I wanted to change that and began taking on extra sustainability initiatives at the stores where I worked and joined a larger retail sustainability team. I needed my work to mean something to me, and since I was so passionate about making a difference, I was always looking for potential improvements.

Since then, my interest in sustainability has only grown. And just as in work, I focus on living as sustainably as I can at home. I’m constantly trying to adopt more sustainable ways of living, and I try to inspire those around me to do the same. My current project is trying to keep my veggie garden alive and my worm farm happy.

In my role as Sustainability Officer at Penguin Random House, I aspire to drive change and help us achieve net zero emissions by 2030, in line with our goal. I would also love to influence those around me to think more sustainably and to incorporate it into their everyday lives – that’s where the real changes can be made!

Some fun facts about me:

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Sir David Attenborough – what an absolute legend of a human being. I’m so glad I got to see him in person a few years back at a screening of one of his documentaries.

How do you usually spend your free time?

My partner and I love to watch anime together and are looking forward to a future trip to Japan. I like to take care of my houseplants, discover new things to bake (and test my self-control to not eat them all) and, of course, I love to read!

What is your favourite book and what are you currently reading?

I grew up absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter. I even have a tattoo of the Deathly Hallows symbol on the back of my neck, and it was the first tattoo I ever got. Recently, I’ve loved Jessie Inchauspe’s Glucose Revolution and am currently making my way through The Plated Prisoner series and the Attack on Titan manga. Needless to say, I’m super excited that Penguin Random House is taking on more graphic novels and manga!

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