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Article  •  6 November 2023


PRH and UBD volunteers planted 1,600 trees for the Penguin Foundation

Volunteers from PRH and UBD participated in a day of tree-planting to help future-proof the Summerland Peninsula from the increasing threat of fire.

On 19 October 2023, a group of volunteers from Penguin Random House (PRH) and United Book Distributors (UBD) visited Philip Island's Summerland Peninsula for a special day of volunteering with one of our partner organisations, the Penguin Foundation.

The volunteers helped future-proof the Summerland Peninsula, which has seen an increasing fire threat in recent years. By planting trees and removing flammable weeds, the team helped protect the breeding and nesting environments of Little Penguins by creating fire breaks, which would limit the damage done by an island fire.

The eventful day began with a discussion about the need for conservation in the park, especially in light of climate change. During the talk, PRH and UBD employees also learned about the incredible projects undertaken at Phillip Island by conservationists, rangers and management of the Penguin Parade.

'The Conservation Dog demonstration was a highlight of the day, showcasing the incredible skills and talents of our four-legged conservation partners. The volunteers' engagement in this demonstration was greatly appreciated and added an extra layer of enthusiasm to the event.' Georgia Symmons, Executive Officer at the Penguin Foundation

The volunteers had an incredibly productive day, planting 1,600 native trees.

‘It felt so good to know that we were doing something positive for conservation, the environment in general, and the cute Little Penguins all while supporting the partnership between PRH & the Penguin Foundation,’ says Julie Detering, Accounts Payable Team Leader at PRH.

‘The volunteers’ dedication to environmental conservation and sustainability was truly inspiring,’ says Georgia Symmons, Executive Officer at the Penguin Foundation. ‘Together, we took a significant step towards creating a greener, more resilient future for the Summerland Peninsula. The contributions will leave a lasting, positive impact on the environment we hold dear.’


Enjoyed reading about our day volunteer at Summerland Peninsula? You might also be interested in learning more about our sustainability intiatives here!

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