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The Plated Prisoner

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The Plated Prisoner series

Discover the TikTok sensation that’s sold over half a million copies – The Plated Prisoner series by Raven Kennedy is for adult fantasy readers.

Gild: The Plated Prisoner Series Vol 1

Gild is first book in The Plated Prisoner - the 44M view Tik Tok Fantasy phenomenon. It follows Auren - the woman King Midas turned to gold - as she escapes the King and faces fearsome enemies, and her own demons, to find her voice

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Glint: The Plated Prisoner Series Vol 2

The second novel in fantasy Tik Tok phenomenon The Plated Prisoner Series. Bestselling author, Raven Kennedy, continues the story of Auren as she discovers the truth of Midas' enemy - Commander Rip - and something begins to stir within her . . .

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Gleam: The Plated Prisoner Series Vol 3

The third novel in Tik Tok Fantasy Phenomenon - The Plated Prisoner Series. Auren must plans her revenge against one king while trying to resist falling for another . . .

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Please note: This series will contain explicit content and dark elements that may be triggering to some. It is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age.