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What Zola Did

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Zola's curiosity gets her into trouble!

The bestselling YA author of Looking for Alibrandi and The Place on Dalhousie is back, and this time she's writing for six-year-olds!  It was having her very own precious, intelligent yet reluctant-to-read daughter that inspired Melina to pen a new story filled with humour and mischief using simple language and quick chapters.

Discover the inspiration for this series in Melina Marchetta on Zola (article).

Recommended for ages 6–8. Find the whole series in your local bookstore, released throughout 2020–2021.

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What Zola Did on Thursday (Coming 2021)

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Melina Marchetta's new series is perfect for beginner readers.

Zola activity pack

A beautiful activity pack for Melina Marchetta's new series, What Zola Did

What Zola did on Monday

Zola Angelica lives with her mum and her Nonna Rosa.