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Emma Memma

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Read along with Emma Memma

Beloved children's entertainer Emma Memma, with her love of dance, sign language and music, brings visual communication to the forefront of the children's media space. Check out our her delightful range of books!

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Emma Memma: The Wheels on the Butterfly Bus

Sing, dance and sign the much-loved nursery rhyme with Emma Memma.

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An exclusive Q&A with Emma Memma!

We caught up with Emma Memma to learn all about her new book, 'Hello, Emma Memma'. Find out how she’s like her character, what she wanted to be when she grew up and more in this fun Q&A with the beloved entertainer.

Emma Memma is back on tour to promote her two new books!

Find out about Emma Memma's new books and upcoming book signing tour.

Emma Memma goes on tour to promote her new book!

Learn about Emma Memma's book tour and find out where the signings will be held.

Want a real-life playdate with Emma Memma? Here’s how to win one!

Five lucky groups will win a playdate with Emma Memma by purchasing her upcoming book, Emma Memma’s Alphabet Day.